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Applied Agriculture Externships

Last updated October 29, 2015

Prepare ~ Work ~ Reflect

The Applied Ag & Food Studies offers a unique tool in customizing your career path.  The Externship is an experience that combines a traditional college education with a hands-on working experience in the agricultural and food industry.  This real world learning, in combination with preparation and reflection, builds valuable workplace experience and develops an understanding of personal interests, industry knowledge and career opportunities.  Once you have declared Applied Agriculture & Food Studies as your major, you will work with an advisor to schedule your classes allowing for the Externship your junior and senior year.


  • Combine the Externship with an Internship for up to 8 months of paid industry experience
  • Put classroom knowledge to work in the real-world, preparing you for exciting careers in the agricultural and food industry
  • Get ahead financially in the short and long term:  Externship earnings can be used for tuition or living expenses and students participating in co-op programs typically earn higher starting salaries
  • Gain insight into your professional strengths, reflect and build on these post Externship in the Agriculture Capstone, making you a top prospect in the eyes of future employers
  • Experience early trends and industry changes that will put you on the cutting-edge in the food and fiber industry
  • Expand your professional and personal network by making important contacts and relationships with industry leaders