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Biology & Chemistry Faculty

Last updated August 22, 2017

Biology and Chemistry Faculty

  • Dr. Brian McFarland
    Associate Professor
    Serves as chair of the Biology and Chemistry Department. Teaches organic and polymer chemistry.
    Education: B.S., Mississippi College; Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
  • Dr. Aaron Bunker
    Associate Professor
    Teaches general physiology, histology and exercise physiology.
    Education: B.S., Missouri Western State College; Ph.D., University of Missouri
  • Dr. John Helms
    Assistant Professor
    Teaches analytical and general chemistry.
    Education: B.A., Virginia Wesleyan College; M.S. and Ph.D., Old Dominion University.
  • Dr. Chad Leugers
    Associate Professor
    Teaches cell biology and principles of biology.
    Education: B.S., Missouri State University; Ph.D., University of Iowa
  • Dr. Anni Moore
    Assistant Professor
    Teaches courses on microbiology and immunology.
    Education: B.S. and Ph.D., Northern Illinois University.
  • Dr. Tim Sesterhenn
    Assistant Professor
    Teaches courses on invertebrate ecology and principles of biology.
    Education: B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University; Ph.D., University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Kurt Spearing
    Associate Professor
    Teaches human anatomy, vertebrate paleontology and comparative vertebrate anatomy.
    Education: B.S., Eastern Illinois University; M.S., Michigan State University; Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
  • Dr. Jim Stroh
    Teaches ecology, environmental issues, and science and religion.
    Education: B.A., Central College; M.S., Fort Hays State University; Ph.D., Texas A&M University
  • Dr. Andy Thomas
    Associate Professor
    Teaches physical chemistry and biochemistry.
    Education: B.S., Iowa State University; Ph.D., University of Iowa