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Dr. John Helms

Last updated September 14, 2016



Dr. John Helms

I teach Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, and General Chemistry as well as environmental science courses. I am the faculty advisor for the Sustainable Environment Association (SEA), co-advisor for Climb Club, and chair of the Morningside College Committee for Environmental Sustainability.

My research focuses on using analytical chemistry to better understand the sources, reactivity, and fate of natural and synthetic chemicals in the environment. Before coming to Morningside, I conducted graduate research in the fields of spectroscopy, photochemistry, chemical oceanography and wetland biogeochemistry and my post-doctoral research focused on photochemical processes related to photochemical processing of re-suspended sediments, algal toxins, and pharmaceuticals in coastal waters as well as rainwater chemistry. Since moving to Iowa, I have begun studying the persistence of antibiotics (routinely added to animal feed) in soils, run-off, and surface waters, the loss of carbon in mid-western agricultural soils, and sources of colored organic matter in Casco Bay, Maine.

A list of my publications can be found here: or here

In my spare time I like to be outdoors hiking, kayaking, sailing, and fishing. I’m a huge soccer fan.