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Dr. Andy Thomas

Last updated September 12, 2016



Dr. Andy Thomas

At Morningside I teach a number of classes including General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, General Organic & Biological Chemistry, & Capstone.

My research can best be described as physical biochemistry (sometimes called biophysics). I use computer simulations to study the detailed workings of biomolecules such as proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. The main focus of my research is to determine how a given molecule, such as a protein, functions. This could be studying how a drug binds to a receptor protein to give a medical effect or examining how ions in the body influence cell membrane permeability. A great aspect of my research is that it is flexible, I and my students can study just about any molecule as long we know something about its structure (which we usually do) and have an exciting question to answer. So if you have something that interests you, drop and chat with me and we can probably come up with a project.

Outside of academics I'm an avid DIYer - I'm in the middle of fixing up a large 100 year old house and will be doing this for the rest of my life... I also do a lot of gardening and I'm also a woodworker - mainly building guitars and furniture. When not waist deep in dust and toil, I spend much of my time with my wife (another chemistry professor!!) and my young daughter.