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Accounting and Business Department Curriculum

Last updated September 10, 2018

Students who enter the study of business and all its related disciplines are about to embark on a life-changing experience. In the contemporary world, one must have the knowledge, skills and abilities to confront challenges and arrive at thoughtful, constructive solutions which satisfy enterprise goals while at the same time consider social responsibility. Students will need to be detail-oriented and creative, aggressive and controlled, and enthusiastic and thoughtful.

A student selecting a degree program offered by the Department of Business Administration will gain understanding of the core areas of expertise needed to participate and be successful in the business world today. Whether students are interested in entrepreneurship or in joining a large firm to climb the corporate ladder, they will find what they need in the Morningside business program. 

The course of study offered in the Department of Business Administration is built around a core curriculum. Through the core courses, students will be exposed to the common core competencies required for success in contemporary business.

All students choosing a major in the Department of Business Administration will complete the core curriculum. All students choosing to take only the core courses will qualify for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students may also wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in one of the several disciplines found in the business arena. Those emphasis areas are finance, management, marketing, and MBA prep. Students interested in pursing the B.S. degree must achieve a 2.7 GPA in five of the core courses.  

Please see the Business Administration section of the current college catalog for emphasis areas and course descriptions.


Vision - The Department of Business Administration at Morningside College will be a premiere private business school recognized regionally for excellence.

Mission - The Department of Business Administration educates students in core business competencies through curricular and extensive experiential opportunities.  We challenge students to become engaged learners and ethical and globally aware business leaders.

Outcomes -  Students who graduate from the Business Administration Department at Morningside College will:                                                 

1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of business operations.

2. Apply ethical reasoning to business and personal decisions.

3. Conduct relevant quantitative and qualitative analysis.

4. Think critically and communicate effectively for today's business environment.

5. Solve problems using successful business strategies in an uncertain and diverse world.