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Accounting and Business Department - Outside Activities

Last updated August 24, 2020

Summer Internship Experiences

Carlie Maasz

"This summer I was an Accounting and Finance Intern at Royall & Company in Richmond, Virginia. Royall is a higher education marketing firm that partners with Morningside and over 350 other colleges and universities. They had 20 intern positions that were open to students from schools all across the country. For the 20 paid intern positions, there were over 400 applicants.  I worked directly with my faculty advisor, Professor Rosenbaum, in applying for this position.  The application required a letter of recommendation and verification of academic and leadership achievements. 

When I arrived in Richmond to begin my internship experience, I was immediately performing hands-on applications, instead of just filing or general tasks like other internships. I reconciled month-end PayPal accounts, examined expense reports for accuracy and classification, entered new contracts into the accounting system, created and reviewed invoices, and evaluated legal contracts for specific terms and conditions. In addition to my duties for the accounting department, the intern class also accomplished two group projects. For the first assignment, we prepared an engagement event for nearly 400 employees. This event provided a great opportunity for the interns to demonstrate their planning and organizational skills as well as hone networking and communication skills with employees throughout the company. The second endeavor involved refining communication skills for new employees within the Royall workplace and resulted in presenting our evaluation to upper management, intern managers, and mentors.

I entered my internship, nervous my classroom learning would be difficult to connect to real world applications. However, I quickly discovered most of my tasks were integral steps in the larger accounting cycle that is the basis of all accounting classes. Interacting with my coworkers and learning about their responsibilities helped solidify my choice to pursue a career in accounting."


83_Salmonson-260x320Eric Salmonson

During the summer between my junior and senior year I worked a paid internship at Frankel Zacharia, a public accounting firm in Omaha, Nebraska. In my internship I spent approximately two weeks in each of their departments (tax, audit, client services.) I found my internship to be very valuable because it allowed me to apply what I have been learning here at Morningside College to real life situations. Another benefit of my internship was that it reassured my belief that public accounting is the path I want to take after college. I enjoyed the work I did at the public accounting firm over the summer and received a full time job offer following the internship.





Jared Sorenson

I worked for a distribution supply company called Tundra Restaurant Supply. It is a restaurant supply company located in Boulder, Colorado. We work with a lot of big time national restaurants such as: Chipotle, Red Robin, Applebee’s, Dairy Queen, and PF Chang’s. I had the incredible opportunity to meet with the CEO of Chipotle Steve Ells. My title was an inside sales intern for the company and my main job was to speak with restaurant owners/general managers about their recent purchases with our company. We not only worked with restaurants but we worked with service companies, hotels, nursing homes, and school districts too. My main job was that I made sure they received their products on time, they had no issues with it, did they enjoy working with us, would they use us again in the future, and if they had any other needs at this time. My biggest challenge was getting comfortable speaking with random business owners, and trying to build a relationship with them for the years to come. The thing that I learned the most from this experience was learn basic business etiquette skills, and learn how to develop advanced communication skills. These basic tools that I learned are essential to having a successful career in business. The work that I have done in the classroom at Morningside has equipped me exceptionally well for the real world.


Student Organizations

The Accounting Club purpose is to expose students to academic and career issues related to the field of accounting.  The club was formed after the introduction of two new Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting at Morningside College.  This organization serves as a network tool for students to meet other individuals studying and/or working in the accounting profession.  Accounting Club helps students develop leadership skills, gain an understanding of career opportunities in both private and public accounting and prepare for internship opportunities. Community and faculty advisors mentor students who wish to pursue professional certifications such as CPA, CIA, CMA and CFE.  
Dr. Twyla Rosenbaum founded and advises the Accounting Club.

CEO Group spreads the spirit of entrepreneurship across the Morningside campus by informing, supporting, and inspiring college students to be entrepreneurial. CEO has been on campus since 2004. Along with bringing successful entrepreneurs on campus to share their stories, the CEO has spawned four student businesses. CEO helps students develop leadership skills and build relationships within and outside of the business department. Members have the opportunity to attend the annual Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Conference each fall and additional opportunities like Start-Up Weeland and Big Omaha. Start-Up Morningside and Speed Networking in the spring.
Dan Wubbena advises E Group.

Investment Club was started by students in the spring of 2018.  The club meets once a week to examine and discuss all aspects of investment.  The primary focus has been on personal finance, such as saving for college and retirement.  The club also ran an investment game last semester based on the New York Stock Exchange, where members could use an online platform to trade stocks, and track their results.  Other activities included guest speakers.  The club is looking to expand its activities by using fundraising to pay for trips off-campus that relate to investment.
Drs. Lawrence Muzinga and Jeffrey Zink serve as faculty advisors.  

Business Honors

Business Honors is an invitation-only organization for students within the Business and Accounting Department. As a member, you will have unique opportunities for intellectual challenge, civic engagement and communication of their business acumen.

Dr. Marilyn Eastman is the faculty advisor.