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Mass Communication

Last updated March 25, 2021

Welcome to Morningside College's Department of Mass Communication

Are you interested in being on the radio? How about producing or hosting a TV show? Maybe you're more interested in running a video camera, taking pictures, or writing stories. Regardless of what you're interested in, Morningside’s student media outlets are the right place for you. You don’t even have to be a Mass Communication Major to participate!

If you are interested in participating in student media, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Click here to listen to KMSC | Click here to watch MCTV | Click here to read the Collegian Reporter | Click here to download the Mass Communication Brochure



What do our Alumni say?


Nick Brincks, Class of 2014

I'm currently a Broadcast Operations Specialist at Iowa Public Radio in Ames, IA and do high school athletic play-by-play for Carroll Broadcasting in Carroll, IA.

I was at Morningside from 2010-2014 and enjoyed every minute of it. Being heavily involved in the Mass Communication department paid dividends at the time and continues to do so today. I hosted radio shows on KMSC and managed the station for two years. I directed video broadcasts of Morningside athletic events, and later got involved in the play-by-play of those events. I also hosted coverage of election night and President Obama's visit to campus in 2012. These are just some of the highlights of my time in the Mass Communication department.

One of the big benefits of attending Morningside was the town it's located in. Sioux City is a great media market for college students looking for internships and part-time jobs, but also for new graduates looking to get a foot in the door. While in college, I worked part-time at the public radio station KWIT, and Powell Broadcasting's Y Country 101.3. I also enjoyed a semester of interning at Channel 9 KCAU.

My time at Morningside prepared me for a full-time career in mass communication and it's only just beginning!





Bill Zahren, Class of 1986

I most appreciated the breadth of the Morningside mass communications program. I chose a mass comm major over a journalism program for exactly that reason: mass comm. delivers a broader education and therefore creates more possibilities over the entire span of your career. Even back in the 1980s I didn’t expect to spend my entire career in one area of mass comm, so I wanted something that prepared me to move around within the broad category. I got that from Morningside. I worked nine years as a newspaper reporter right out of college, then moved to corporate marketing, then worked for ad agencies and ultimately became a freelance marketing writer and part-time author. Mornings

ide’s department let me get real experience in many areas of mass comm., experiences I probably wouldn’t have gotten at a larger school. Not only did that give me basic skills to build on, it made me aware of everything that is out there in the industry. Although not technically related to the mass comm. department at the time, my experience as editor of the Collegian Reporter, combined with my mass comm classes, helped me create both the work ethic and work sample portfolio that led directly to my first job as a journalist. Add in my minors — English and History — and I graduated with a more well rounded education than many of my contemporaries in the industry. If you're willing to grab the opportunities presented to you for practical experience within the mass communication department, you'll graduate with both the quality academics and solid experience that give you an advantage in landing the jobs you want. You can’t beat the combination of the quality of instruction and diverse courses in the department and the student-focused, opportunity-rich nature of Morningside overall.

Hometown: Lake Park, Iowa,    Current town: West Des Moines, Iowa