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Summer Online Course Descriptions

Last updated February 28, 2017

Summer Courses:

For a current list of courses offered this summer, please see the Summer Courses link.


Undergraduate course descriptions:

Note: courses are designated below as to delivery format via: (OL)=online, (OC)=on-campus, (HYB)=hybrid

ACCT – Accounting

409 Advanced Accounting (OL)

Designed to provide exposure and understanding to more advanced topics in accounting: corporate acquisitions, consolidated statements, foreign currency transactions, and accounting for non-profit organizations.


ART - Art

325 Painting (OC)

Students learn the basics in painting in oils and acrylics. Attention is given to understanding the theories of color and their application to painting.

335 Ceramics (OC)

Students learn wheel-thrown pottery, hand-formed pottery, sculptural techniques, glazing, and firing procedures.


BIOL- Biology

205 Health and Nutrition (OL)

The focus is on principles, knowledge and application of basic nutrition concepts.

221 Medical Terminology (OL)

An introduction to root words, prefixes and suffixes necessary to communicate in medicine.

308 Ecology (OC)

A course dealing with the inter-relationships between organisms and their environment, functioning of ecosystems and adaptions that enable organisms to survive in specific environments.


BUSN - Business

231 Principles of Management (OL)

The management cycle through the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions.

341 Principles of Marketing (OL)

Students study business activities related to price, promotion and distribution of goods and services to present and potential customers. Students carry out a marketing research project and write a report based on their analysis.

430 Contemporary Leadership and Ethics (OL)

Students gain an unusual level of self-awareness as the course explores a wide array of leadership theories and applications. Students then use their new knowledge of leadership as a foundation for the
study of ethics as the subject relates to contemporary business, social and civic responsibility.

484 Business Policy (OL)

This course provides students pursuing business administration degrees a culminating experience where all business disciplines are brought together to learn the process for developing strategic plans for enterprises. Students are introduced to strategic planning and management theories and then apply the theories to real world planning challenges.


CHEM – Chemistry

121 General Chemistry I (OL)

Emphasizes measurement, stoichiometry, atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding, gas, liquid, and solid and descriptive properties.

122 General Chemistry II (OL)

Emphasizes kinetics, chemical equilibria, thermodynamics, electrochemistry and descriptive chemistry. A term paper will examine issues through which chemistry touches our lives.


COMM- Mass Communications

101 Introduction to Mass Communication (OL)

Introduces students to the history of mass media with a discussion of issues involved in the media.

330 Public Relations (OL)

Principles and practice of public relations in commercial and non-commercial fields; publicity and promotion campaigns emphasized.


CULT- Cultural Studies

201 The Mayan, Aztec & Incan Worlds (OL)

This course considers how past glories of the indigenous civilizations of Latin America and their diverse forms of worship have fired the imagination of the Western world since the Spaniards arrived in the region more than 500 years ago.



318 Growth and Development of Middle Level Learners & Practicum (HYB)

This course is designed as a cultural approach to studying the middle level aged students. Students will become familiar with current knowledge and research on the psychology of adolescents including physical, cognitive, cultural and psychosocial development.

324 Reading in Content Areas (HYB)

Emphasizes knowledge of text structure, vocabulary and comprehension in content areas such as science, mathematics, social studies and literature. Includes a study of research based strategies and practices for reading and writing instruction in content areas.


PHIL- Philosophy

205 The Philosophical Athlete (OL)

This course is motivated by the question: How can we learn from sport in a way that makes us better personally, ethically and as citizens? Students take a critical and analytical approach to the athletic experience. They seek to maximize their understanding of sport in their lives and their lives in sport as a way of encouraging reflection on personal ethics and values.


PSYC- Psychological Sciences

309 Abnormal Psychology (OL)

This course is a study of various psychological disorders including contributing factors, diagnosis, and methods of treatment.


RELG- Religious Studies

250 World Religions (OL)

A study of world religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Taoism, Confucianism and others.



Organizational Management online program course descriptions:

MORN 440N   The Leadership Experience (OL)
Students will experience organizational leadership and change strategies through a simulation-type exercises. The simulation will allow students to work individually or in groups to use skills that facilitate change in an organizational setting. Topics such as change agents, power, and influence will be included in the simulation


COMM 330N   Public Relations (OL)
Principles and practice of public relations in commercial and non-commercial fields; publicity and promotion campaigns emphasized.


RELG 250N   World Religions (OL)
A study of world religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Daoism, Confucianism, and others.


PSYC 336N   Applied Organizational Research (OL)
This course focuses on the methods and practices of research in applied settings. It includes how to develop a research question and plan, evaluation, methodology, and techniques of data collection (e.g., how to conduct an interview, develop a survey, and direct a focus group).


BUSN 341N   Principles of Marketing (OL)
Students will study business activities related to the product, price, promotion, and distribution of good and services to create, deliver, capture and communicate value to the customer. Students will carry out an individual marketing research project utilizing primary and secondary sources and present an interactive final group industry report.