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Ad: Active Minds Boot Camp

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On behalf of Active Minds we want to thank everyone on campus for their help and support this year!

Our first year has been a great one. Our chapter here at Morningside has been fortunate enough to receive a few amazing awards this year from the National Board. In the first time in Active Minds' history they had over 100 chapters in their first year eligible for the Road Runner Award. This award specifically highlights the work of a chapter in their first year doing truly exceptional work. Our chapter at Morningside was chosen as the winner! On top of that, our Leaf Stigma Behind event was chosen as a top event in 2018 and we will be presenting it at the National Conference in Washington D.C. in March. 

We are truly honored as a group by the amount of support and appreciation we have been able to receive this year. We are so excited for the future and the work we hope to accomplish in the future. 

Thanks again,
Active Minds at Morningside