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Ad: Faculty & Staff Art Show - March 26 - May 11

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Reception - April 3rd --  5-6:30pm -- Spoonholder

The newest art show in the HJF Learning Center features the artistic talents of non-art faculty and staff. The show is the first of its kind and is to become a brand new tradition on campus.

The show features the work of seven artists, all from different departments. Their work ranges from photography, painting, and even a bit of quilting.

For some of these artists, like biology professor Tim Sesterhenn, it is their first time showing their art in a long time. “It’s exciting actually to have it out there for people to see but it’s also terrifying to have it out there for people to see. I don’t think of myself as an artist at all but it’s kind of helped me thinking more about it [art],” said Sesterhenn.

Sesterhenn has slowly returned to his love of art due to drawing in his classroom and sketching. He explained that because of the art show, he has begun new plans for art pieces for the future. “It’s [art] made me think about it more as something that I do enjoy and it’s not something that I have to do, so it’s kind of a nice escape for me,” commented Sesterhenn.

The show was an opportunity for these faculty and staff to show a side of them that doesn’t usually shine on campus. “I think it’s a great way for others to find out that not only photography and paint are the only ways to do art, there are other ways out there,” said Joan Mansfield, the administrative assistant from the mass communications department.

Mansfield has three quilts in the show, which have intricate line work and details. The quilts have become a highlight of the show because of how they stand out.

Mitch Keller, a mathematical professor and artist in the show, talked about how it was a great opportunity to show the campus a different side of them. “I think it is a great opportunity for the campus, students, other faculty, and the parents that might be here since it will be up through commencement to see that professors and staff are people too,” commented Keller.

Keller features two of his photographs in the show. “I started photography when I was living in London, traveling a fair amount and just mainly taking snapshots to remember places I’ve been. And the more I did that, the more I realized I would only go back and look at them if they had some type of artistic value,” explained Keller about his view on his photography.

Not all artists teach art but find it in the work they do everyday. These faculty and staff use art as a getaway from stress and to practice their talents. “It gives me an outlet that is very different to what I do on a daily basis,” said Keller.