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Ad: Lunchtime Yoga - March 20 - April 24

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Morningside College Wellness Committee is now offering lunchtime and evening yoga classes for both students and faculty.

The yoga workshops are made for beginners and experienced students/faculty who would like to pick up or learn yoga techniques. Morningside College advisor and 200-hour licensed instructor Katie Roskie, and 200-hour licensed instructor Jianna Hoss will be teaching the classes.

The main goal of the yoga workshops is to manage stress levels and give an alternative form of relief for those who don’t want to participate in more intense sports.

“Our Wellness Committee has done a really great job of trying to get these different programs started for students, faculty, and staff,” says Roskie. “Our most important thing is maintaining our health and promote overall wellness beyond the physical.”

The afternoon/lunchtime classes will be offered until April 24th and begin at 12:20 pm to 12:50 pm in the HPER dance room. This class is considered the “Beginners Yoga Class” and will focus mainly on creating stability and mobility in the body, as well as learning yoga’s philosophy.

The evening classes will be offered until May 2nd and begin at 5:30 pm to 6:15 pm in the HPER dance room. This class is a bit more advanced than the afternoon classes but beginners are still welcome to join this session.

Both classes teach the yoga style-form of Vinyasa, which is a technique that teaches the body to relax and allows free movement. This form is highly recommended for individuals who want to de-stress and work on both their mental and physical health.

Even though these yoga classes have a specific goal, Roskie believes there is a type of yoga for everyone. “Everyone’s body is different. Everybody’s lifestyle is different but yoga is definitely one of those things that can fit everyone’s needs,” said Roskie.

When attending the session, students and faculty will be asked to fill out a health waiver and are advised to bring their own yoga mats.