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Four Year Graduation Plans by Major

Last updated June 19, 2018

Four Year Plans are general guidelines and will likely vary based on each individual student's needs; please consult with your adviser when working on a Four Year Plan to clarify how yours should be individualized to fit your needs.


Previous Four Year Plans with Cluster (Prior to 2016)

Current Four Year Plans (2017 and Later)


When using Four Year Plans for your own purpose:

  1. Search for the Four Year Plan based on your college catalog year and major of interest.
  2. Click on the Four Year Plan you are wanting to work from as your base.
  3. "Save" the document onto a designated area in your computer.
  4. Then type within the saved document on your computer.
  5. When you are ready to save what you have typed into the Four Year Plan, you may "Save" or "Save As" to keep the changes.


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