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Hear from Exploring Students at Morningside College

Last updated November 22, 2016

Do YOU have an exploring story to share? We would love to share your experience with other students!

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“I landed a job within my interest area freshman year with the help of career services. However, after the first few months at the job I realized that I could not see myself pursuing it as a life long career. I went back to the drawing board, talked to my advisor, and found new interest areas to pursue. I continue to tweak my four-year plan as I find new things I want to pursue and discover that some paths weren't the right fit for me. Exploring different options is all a part of finding what you're passionate about. Don't feel like you're behind because you haven't found a definitive answer yet, there's still time. I felt like I was behind because I didn't start working on my Business major until this semester. Turns out I'm on track and already have the capability to get internships, as I landed a marketing internship at a law firm this fall. With the help that Morningside has to offer the opportunities are endless.”          –Maggie ‘18