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Three Year Graduation Planning

Last updated October 29, 2020

Graduate in three years?

It’s possible for many incoming freshmen

Depending on your area of study, you may be able to graduate from Morningside College in only three years, saving you money and allowing you to start work or graduate school that much sooner. This can mainly be done in one of two ways – bringing in college credits earned while in high school, or taking summer courses during your three years at Morningside.

Could I do this?

Finishing your degree in three years is only possible in certain areas of study. It is much more possible with a Bachelor of Arts than a Bachelor of Science. It is also difficult with some majors like Spanish where courses are sequential and must be taken one at a time.

How is it possible?

Students starting at Morningside with no college credit can finish a Bachelor of Arts degree in three years if they take eight credits each summer for three summers. This example assumes that students take 16 credits each fall and spring semester. If they take more credits in the fall and spring, they may not need as many summer courses. About half of our students bring in college credits earned while in high school. This could also help you to earn your degree more quickly.

What are the advantages?

Taking classes during the summer is less expensive than a fourth year at Morningside. For your convenience, we are working to offer more summer courses online. This approach allows you to finish your degree more quickly while still getting the full college experience. You could sing in the choir, play sports, be a resident assistant or conduct research with faculty. If you come to Morningside right out of high school, rather than transferring from another college, you will be eligible for the same financial aid package as a typical freshman. This is true even if you earned college credits while in high school.

A few tips

Earn college credit while in high school. This will help prepare you for college by letting you know the standard for college-level work. It also will give you a head start on credits. If you have strong preparation in a particular area, take the CLEP Exam and have your scores reported directly to Morningside. Based on your score on the exam, you could earn credits in subjects ranging from Spanish to literature to algebra. Start the career exploration process early. Do some job shadowing. The sooner you decide on a major, the more likely it is that you will be able to graduate in three years.


Three Year Plans

Since each three year plan is unique for each student. Please work with your academic adviser to develop a plan that works for you.

Blank Three Year Plan Template



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