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Last updated July 18, 2018
  • Your I-20 is what determines your F-1 status in the United States.
  • It lists your personal information, source of financial support, school/program of study information, and program start and end date. It is important to make sure that all of the information listed on your I-20 is correct. 
  • The I-20 has a start and end date for you to complete your program of study.
  • The end date in your I-20 can be extended or shorten. It is your responsibility to request a change on the end date of your I-20.  If your I-20 expires before your program end date, this can cause problems for your status in the United States.
  • The I-20  lists your intended major. It is important we have the correct major before you graduate. The major determines the areas where you could work off campus with the appropriate permissions.
  • You might be issued multiple I-20s during your stay in the United States. Keep all your I-20s.