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Last updated November 14, 2018
  • Your I-94 documents your entry to and exit from the United States. It also assigns your immigration category, based on your type of Visa (F-1).
  • You will get a new I-94, with a new number, each time you enter the United States. You are able to access an electronic record online. The “Get Travel History” page this site will list the dates of arrival into the US going back 5 years.
  • Make sure you check that the “Admit Unit Date” says “D/S” for Duration of Status. This means that you are able to stay in the United States so long as your I-20 is valid. 



What if I can’t find my record online?

Make sure to format your name as it is listed on your I-20. For example, students with two last names listed on their passport/visa should also list both last names on the I-94. If you are still unable to find your online record that means an error was made on the I-94 when you entered the United States and needs to be corrected. To correct your record, you will need to visit the nearest Customs and Border Protection office in the state of Iowa.

Morningside College is located in what we call the “Tri-State Area” due to the fact that we border Nebraska and South Dakota. Given that, students are supposed to go to the CBP office located in Des Moines, Iowa. However, there are offices located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota or Omaha, Nebraska which are closer to campus. You will need authorization from the Des Moines office to see if you are able to make the necessary corrections at other locations. You can contact the CBP office by calling: 515-284-4403