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Last updated May 20, 2019

Students interested in the practice of law generally pursue majors and minors in the traditional fields of the liberal arts. Successful preparation for law school includes majors as diverse as Political Science, Psychology, English, History, and Business Administration. Students who prefer to do so, may personally design an interdisciplinary major in pre-law studies, or complete a minor in Legal Studies.

Understanding Your Undergraduate Path:

Students at Morningside College who identify as Pre-Law typically major in History, Political Science and/or Psychology, however, as mentioned above, there are a variety of other majors offered at Morningside that could allow a student to individualize his/her experience with related interests and adding appropriate prerequisites. In addition, Morningside College has a mock trial program for students to participate in which could be beneficial for those interested in pursuing Pre-Law. There are several law firms in Sioux City that offer undergraduate shadowing and internship experiences to Pre-Law students. This is not the norm, as many law firms in large cities require one year of law school to get an internship. In addition, in the past five years, we have had 100% of our students who have applied to law school get in. Be sure to consult with your Academic Adviser, Faculty Adviser, or an adviser at the school or college of law that you plan to attend. 

See suggested Graduation Plans by major (History, Political Science, Psychology)

Morningside College has a 3 +3 program with the University of Iowa College of Law.  Students may complete a pre-approved 3-year program in Political Science and apply as Juniors at the College of Law. Credits completed after the first year at the University of Iowa College of Law will transfer back to Morningside College to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree. 

See suggested 3+3 Political Science based Graduation Plan

Pre-Law Adviser                                                                            


Dr. Patrick McKinlay

Professor of Political Science

(712) 274-5361

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Applying to Law School:

Pre-Law students should plan on taking The Law School Admission Test, otherwise known as the LSAT, prior to applying to Law school.  Check out the LSAT website for further information, and/or talk to the Pre-Law Adviser on-campus about preparing for the LSAT.

LSAT Website

Additional Information:

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