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Statement of Inclusivity

Last updated August 12, 2019

We believe in the sacred worth and beauty of all human beings, acknowledging and affirming God’s unending love.

We believe that God’s love knows no circles of exclusion. As a community of faith dedicated to worshipping and serving God, we are called to follow God’s example, erecting no walls that could limit our ability to grow as a loving Christian community.

We believe in Christ’s message of radically inclusive love, and are committed to creating a faith community that is in ministry according to the prophetic witness of the Gospel.

We believe in God’s redemptive grace, and God’s constant presence as we struggle to transform a world too often filled with pain and darkness to a world filled with hope and light.

We believe that the Spirit calls us to welcome and affirm each other, recognizing the gifts and graces of all persons.

We believe that in order to be a faithful community, we are called to see the face of Christ on each other, affirming our relationships as sisters and brothers in Christ.

We believe that the message of Christ calls us to social justice, working to end oppression, injustice and poverty of the body, mind and spirit.

We believe that to truly be called people of faith, our actions must be consistent with our words. If our statements of belief are not followed by faithful and intentional action, our words are empty.