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Campus Safety & Security

Last updated January 28, 2021

Campus Safety and Security is the administrative office at Morningside University that is responsible for safety and security. It includes a director, assistant director, and 20-30 part-time student security aides. The Director reports to the Associate Vice-President of Business/Controller and the Vice-President for Business and Finance. Campus Safety and Security employees are not sworn or commissioned officers. They do not carry weapons. They do not have arresting authority. The Sioux City Police Department, Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office, and the Iowa State Patrol handle all arrests. All on-duty personnel wears a distinctive security uniform. They provide basic security services to the campus community and are on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Members of the Campus Safety and Security staff attend training programs specifically designed for security personnel.

Campus Safety and Security has a close working relationship with the Sioux City Police Department. All major crimes (felonies) are reported to the Sioux City Police Department, which assumes responsibility for any investigation that may be necessary as soon as possible. In the case of emergencies, the Sioux City Police Department or Sioux City Fire Rescue are notified immediately. Campus Safety and Security encourages victims to report crimes immediately and to call in the event of emergencies.Campus Security Golf Carts

Students and employees may also report criminal offenses to Campus Safety and Security, Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator, any vice president, area coordinators, RAs, coaches, and faculty. All names are kept confidential to the extent permitted and not included in daily logs in an effort to protect those who are reporting the crime from retaliation. Only certain personnel will have access to the names of those reporting to provide them with protection.

General services provided by Campus Safety and Security are walking and vehicle patrols, response to criminal and non-criminal activity, escorts, jump-starts and unlocking vehicles. Safety and Security staff members make routine patrols of campus buildings and check exteriors of buildings. They also monitor the mechanical rooms of each building and report any potential problems to the Director of Physical Plant. If a fire is discovered or suspected, evacuate the building and then contact Campus Safety and Security immediately by dialing (712) 274-5234 and/or the Sioux City Fire Rescue by dialing 911.

Campus Safety and Security makes, keeps and maintains a monthly log of reported crimes written in a form that is easily understood. The log is available to the public for inspection in the Campus Safety and Security Office. The monthly log provides the nature, date, time and general location of each crime. Additionally, the disposition of the complaint is given, if known. Information, including updates, is added as the information becomes available. If there is clear and convincing evidence that the release of such information would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual, cause a suspect to flee or evade detection, or result in the destruction of evidence, such information may be withdrawn until the damage is no longer likely to occur from the release of such information. As a matter of policy, names are not included in the monthly log.

Location and Contact Information

The Main Campus Safety and Security Office is located in the Olsen Student Center, just inside the main front doors. The Administrative Office (Director and Assistant Director, full-time Safety and Security Officer) of Campus Safety and Security office is located in the Hickman-Johnson-Furrow Learning Center in Room 109. The main phone number for Campus Safety and Security is (712) 274-5234. Safety and Security staff members are available either in the office or by calling the Campus Safety and Security number, which will reach them through the radio. Any criminal incidents, emergencies or other suspicious activity should be reported immediately to Campus Safety and Security. Individuals may also call the Sioux City Police Department directly for emergencies by dialing 911 or (712) 279-6960 for non-emergencies. All security matters should be reported to Campus Safety and Security, including updates on any action taken.


In addition to regular foot and vehicle patrols and 24-hour availability, Campus Safety and Security offer these services to assist students, faculty, and staff:


  • 24-Hour Escort Service: We provide this service to anyone who wishes to be escorted anywhere on campus 24 hours a day.
  • Vehicle Assistance Program: We provide assistance in starting vehicles and opening locked doors.
  • Transportation for Visitors With Limited Mobility: We provide shuttle transportation to visitors and attendees of Morningside University campus events who require special assistance.

Campus Safety and Security staff members do walking and vehicle patrols; respond to criminal and non-criminal incidents; provide jumpstarts and unlocking of vehicles. Campus Safety and Security does offer golf cart escort services to anyone who requests it, to anywhere on campus. Security officers make routine patrols of campus to all the buildings. They also monitor the boiler/mechanical rooms of each building and check for any potential problems. Each residential building is equipped with a fire alarm. If a fire is discovered or suspected, contact Campus Security and Safety immediately by dialing (712) 274-5234 or Sioux City Fire Rescue by dialing 911 and evacuate the building immediately.


On a regular basis, Morningside University provides programs designed to educate the community on issues such as:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Sexual Assault Awareness
  • Personal Safety
  • Fire Prevention
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention

For participation in one of these programs or to schedule a program, please contact Campus Safety and Security at (712) 274-5234.

Full-time Staff


Director of Safety and Security

Brett Lyon     (712) 274-5500 (office)     (712) 203-1990 (cell)     (712) 274-5101 (fax)     .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Brett LyonBrett Lyon was promoted to the Director of Campus Safety and Security in July 2015 after serving as the Assistant Director of Campus Safety and Security since July 2007. He joined the Campus Safety and Security Department after 2 years working in politics for Senator Charles Grassley and gubernatorial candidates Bob Vander Plaats and Jim Nussle. As a student at Morningside College, he worked as the head student security officer for the Security Department for two years before graduating in 2004 with a B.S. in Education and minors in psychology and business.  He has his Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration through the University of Sioux Falls in May 2016. 

Lyon has training in Enhanced Risk and Threat Assessments, Business Continuity, Emergency Shelter Training, Emergency Planning for Special Needs Communities, and Homeland Security Planning for Campuses, NIMS through the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, as well as being certified in first-aid and CPR. Besides being the chair of the Campus Shelter Committee and Campus Safety Committee, Lyon currently sits on the Tri-State Disaster Committee, Community Organizations Assisting in Disasters (COAD) Committee, and Siouxland Higher Education Safety and Security Committee (chair).


Assistant Director of Safety and Security

Jerry Meisner  (712) 274-5505 (office)       (712) 274-5101 (fax)      .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Jerry Meisner is the Assistant Director of Safety and Security at Morningside College.

He is responsible for evening security on campus and supervising student security aides on the night shift.

Meisner was a reserve deputy sheriff and a jailer for the Sheriff’s Department. .  He was a security supervisor for Gateway Computers Inc. in North Sioux City.  He also worked as a police officer for a time in South Dakota. Meisner was previously a security officer and trainer for Western Iowa Tech Community College.  He has an associate’s degree in police science from Western Iowa Tech and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration from Bellevue University.  Meisner is also a martial arts and self defense instructor.  He also is a trained instructor in ALICE.  He provides self- defense and ALICE training on campus to students, faculty, and staff. 




Safety and Security Officer

Darin Wright    (712) 274-5234 (office)      .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Darin Wright serves as campus safety and security officer. He performs a variety of security duties for the college. He previously was a security officer for Western Iowa Tech Community College. Before that, he worked in security for Gateway in Sioux City.