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Incident Reporting

Last updated November 11, 2015

Morningside Campus Safety and Security is the campus department that the following incidents need to be reported to: 

Accidents:  Any occurence causing physical injury, property damage, or injury to any other person where or not a member of the College communuity, which (a) occurs on College property, (b) involves the use of a College vehicle of College equipment, or (c) involves an act or omission by a College employee in the course of College employment

Liability incidents:  Any actions, circumstances, or events, not causing physical injury to property or bodily injury to person, which might reasonably be expected to result in a claim or legal action against the College for damages

Criminal incidents:  Any incident that involves any criminal related activitiy on campus or the adjacent public property. 

Please use the the incident report to file a report or stop into the Campus Safety and Security Office to file a report.