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Guidelines for Issuing Keys

Last updated December 19, 2019

Safety and Security's goal in setting these guidelines is to achieve a workable and secure method of issuing keys to Morningside's Facilities. Cooperation from the various departments in following these guidelines is appreciated.

All keys for the facilities of Morningside College including key fobs will be issued and returned to Campus Safety and Security.  Campus Safety and Security's Administrative Office is located in the HJF Learning Center.  You may arrange a time to pick up your keys there.  Resident Hall keys will be issued at the Resident Hall during move in by the Resident Life staff.

Campus Safety and Security provides keys within 48-72 hours upon receipt of a correctly completed key request.  A key request of over 25 keys will require 1 week advance notice. Keys must be picked up by the individual requesting the key. Identification is required. Campus Safety and Security will email when keys are ready to be picked up.

Keys will be issued to an individual for their own personal, Morningside-related, use only. There will be no duplication requests honored without permission of the Vice President overseeing the department. 

When a department needs keys for outside service people, the approved method of issuance is to arrange for the outside people to pick up and return the keys with Safety and Security or Physical Plant Office. This requires a completed key request form, one per key, properly authorized, just like a Morningside employee or student. The alternative method is to have the department check out keys in the department's name. The Department will then be responsible to keep accurate records of the whereabouts of the keys. This cannot be done in an individual's name.

There cannot be any unrecorded, unauthorized keys on campus. Any keys in this category must be reported and/or returned to Safety and Security.

Only President/Vice Presidents are authorized to approve key requess.  An e-mail is considered a electronic signature and will be accepted.

Safety and Secuirty will only accept key requests which are properly submitteed and with appropriate approvals. Incomplete key requests will be returned to the authorizing department, thus causing a delay in processing.

A return date is required on all student key requests. There cannot be an indefinite time period. If a student leaves campus for the summer or a semester, they are required to return their keys. Upon returning they will need to go through the standard procedure for obtaining keys. This is necessary to reduce the number of unreturned keys and the burden to the authorizing department in attempting to recover such keys should the student not return to Morningside College. Keys that were required to be turned in, but were not, will be classified as a “lost” key and the individual will be charged the applicable lost key fee. 

Same day service is provided only when transferring a key from one individual to another.  Safety and Security will gladly transfer keys without a waiting period provided both individuals are present and the accepting individual has a correctly completed key request form. Visual verification of the key transfers avoids errors in the key records. Without this visual verification, Safety and Security cannot guarantee the returning keys will be accurately removed from the individual's record. 

Processed key requests will be held with Safety and Security for a period of 30 days. If the person fails to pick up the keys during this period, Physical Plant will assume the need is no longer warranted. Once voided, the request will not be refilled and a new request will have to be obtained.

Departments are responsible to notify Safety and Securityt of any name changes, transfers, and/or deaths.


Key Fobs

Campus Security will be responsible for issuing Key Fobs. Key Fobs will be issued at the resident halls during move in by the Residence Life staff. All Key Fobs issued to students shall be returned to Campus Security when no longer needed.

Residence Life will make available the list of incoming students needing Key Fobs a week before move in to the resident halls.

Campus Security will be responsible for making new Key Fobs for lost or stolen Key Fobs or Fobs that quit working.

Campus Security will be responsible for keeping a current list of Key Fob holders and will make the list available to Residence Life.