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Last updated April 07, 2021

Resources at Morningside University

The Hickman, Johnson, Furrow Learning Center (Library) offers a variety of support services to students including the Academic Support Center and the Writing Center.

Student Health & Counseling Services are located in the Lower Level of the Olsen Student Student. They provide services to students to promote wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.


Online Academic Resources for Students

Amara allows individuals to caption, subtitle, and translate videos.

Grammarly helps eliminate grammar errors and improve any text.

Khan Academy provides education for a variety of topics at every academic level.

Learning Ally provides online resources for students to help them in the areas they need assistance.

Natural Reader is a text to speech reader (there is a free version available)

OneNote is a digital notebook for gathering notes (handwritten or typed)

Quizlet is an online platform to help students study with flashcards, games, and other learning tools.

StudyBlue is an online studying platform that allows users to create flashcards and upload class study materials.

Technology Guide from EduBirdie provides apps, software, and online resources for people with disabilities.

Voice Dream helps individuals with reading disabilities.


Additional Information and Resources 

Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) is the leading professional membership association for individuals committed to equity for persons with disabilities in higher education.

Iowa College Aid provides information about the rights and responsibilities for students with disabilities.

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services works with individuals with disabilities to achieve their employment, independence and economic goals.

Iowa Workforce Developoment- Disability Navigator Program facilitates access to employment and services for job seekers who have disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Associations of American (LDA) provides information and resouces for individuals with learning disabilities.

Scholarships Opportunities are available for students with disabilities

7 Things to Know About College Disability Services

10 Tips for College Students with Disabilities


*** Please note that Morningside University does not endorse the resources on this page not available at Morningside. These are just some of the many resources available to help students academically.