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Media, Content Creation, and Presentation

Last updated February 28, 2018

This page lists and described a number of different tools that can be used to create content, media, and to present information. Some of these tools are available by virtue of having a account.  With this account comes access to several applications through our Google accounts including Drive, Docs, Slides, and a personal YouTube channel for storage of video. Other tools are available if the instructor has a school issued laptop computer including iAuthor, iMovie, Quicktime, and Garage Band.


Bubbli is a free program that allows users to 'paint' spherical pictures of the world around them.  These pictures also capture sound.  The result is an image where the end user can 'look around.'  This could be a useful tool for virtual tours or field trips to locations.  Bubbli also has a social media element if users with to share their bubbles with others around the world.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is at it's root an interactive whiteboard app, but it can do so much more.  It can be a useful medium for building tutorial videos for distance learning or flipped classes. It can be a tool for students to record their own progress working through a math problem. It can be a means of recording live whiteboard writing/drawing for later viewing.  Explain Everything is best used on an iPad, but there are also Windows versions that might allow for content building on a laptop with touch screen capabilities. 

Garage Band (Mac)

Garage band is an audio recording and editing software available to mac and iOS devices.  If you plan to create podcasts or wish to create your own original music, Garage Band has features that allow you to capture, edit, and convert your files into an audio file.

Google Docs

A part of your Morningside Google account, all users have access to Google Docs.  Google Docs provides basically the same word processing power as Word or Pages, but has the additional ability to share the documents and work collaboratively with others.  Google docs can be shared privately or publicly. Revision histories are automatically created and the user has the ability to revert back to an earlier version. 

Google Slides

A part of your Morningside Google account, all users have access to Google Slides.  Google Slides provides basically the same presentation creation power as PowerPoint or Keynote, but has the additional ability share the slides and work collaboratively with others.  Google slides can be shared privately or publicly.  Revision histories are automatically created and the user has the ability to revert back to an earlier version.  Gives the ability to present your slides using any web-enabled device.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is another alternative to PowerPoint for creating slide show presentations.  Noted for its stripped down nature and simplicity, Haiku deck offers a number of pre-created templates and access to Creative Common images.  Good to use if you do not mind automatic formatting and would like to use image heavy slides. 

iMovie (Mac)

iMovie is a free program for Mac users.  It is a video editing software that makes cutting, splicing, and creating simple transitions easy to do.  Video files can be easily imported into iMovie for manipulation and then exported into a variety of video file formats for sharing.

iBooks Author (Mac)

iBooks Author is a program free on the Mac platform and allows for users to create interactive content.  This can be a full length book or can be a type of lesson creator.  iBooks Author provides an easy interface for adding in interactive content and automatic reformatting when moving content around.  A limitation is that the end user (person reading the content) must have the ability to read an iBooks format (only available on Apple products).


If you are interested in creating videos for your class and you need to write or draw on a board, we have a lightboard and studio space available for faculty. This link provides you a demo of what the lightboard can do and how to use it. Contact Kim Christopherson to reserve studio time.


Wakelet is a free program that allows users to import any form of web-based information (videos, tweets, articles, etc) into a nicely designed page and that be organized in any way.  This program can be used to present electronic portfolios of information, tell a story, or to organize research information.

Windows Movie Maker

Video editing software for Windows operating systems.  Movie Maker allows users to cut, splice, and create videos.


Nearpod is a lesson builder for creating interactive lessons.  It has its highest potential in classrooms where students have tablets, Nearpod can be viewed and interacted in all platforms and devices.  Lessons can be delivered 'live' or as self-paced homework.  Lessons consist of a number of slides.  Slides can have text, video, or PowerPoint slides imported.  Interactive slides can have multiple choice questions, quizzes, drawing, or open ended text.  Features include the ability for teachers to share student responses anonymously to show common misunderstandings or ideal responses. 


Openvid is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to screen record your current tab.  Limited to just recording Chrome Browser tabs this program does have the capability to record both the tab on the screen and your webcam.  Currently Openvid allows for unlimited length of recordings for free.


Prezi is yet another slideshow presentation type of tool.  Instead of individual slides however, Prezi works on the idea of movement around a single canvas.  Useful for presentations where a big picture of the material is important. Can be potentially distracting if too much movement is built into the slide. 

Quicktime (Mac)

Quicktime is a program installed on Mac computers that works both as a media player and video/audio recorder.  Quicktime can record from the webcam or can create screen casts. Simple video editing (splitting clips, deleting segments) can be done using this program.


A free screencasting software that allows users to record from their webcam, from their screen, or both (allowing you to have a small video of yourself playing while showing a video of your screen). There is both a free and a pro version.  The free version allows for up to 15 minute videos to be recorded and has a feature that can upload videos directly to YouTube.  The pro version allows for longer recordings and additionally has some editing features as well. The 'scripted recordings' feature in the pro version allows for the creation of captions for your videos.

Slide Shark

Slide Shark is a PowerPoint presentation software.  Users can upload their PowerPoints to slide shark's cloud and present slides from any iOS device.  Other features include useful presentation tools such as a laser pointer and annotation features. 


SuomoPaint is a free web-based program for photoshopping images. Most basic photoshopping tools are available using this tool. 


A part of the Windows Office suite Sway offers a tool for creating digital collages and presentations which can be interactive. Another tool for creating digital materials and lessons. 

YouTube Annotations and Cards

YouTube offers a couple of ways of making your YouTube videos enhanced and a little more interactive.  One method is by adding Annotations to your videos.  This allows you to insert speech bubbles or other text into the video for added information. Cards allow you to suggest other URLs, video, (which must be eligible according to YouTube so there is some limitation here) or insert poll questions.