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Moodle Resources

Last updated September 14, 2016

Moodle Bootcamp Course

An in-house beginner Moodle Training course for users new to Moodle.  This is a self-paced course facilitated by Kim Christopherson.  Introduces users to the basics of Moodle including how to create a course, add assignments, and create a gradebook. Users self-enroll.

Morningside Moodle Knowledgebase

Morningside's in-house Moodle documents.  Includes instructions on how to make your Moodle course auto-enroll students as well as information for contacting our Moodle tech support eclass4learning.

Moodle Moocs

Twice a year (usually January and August) Moodle facilitates a 4 week MOOC that helps Moodle users learn some of the basics of Moodle.  A nice second step after completing the Morningside Moodle Bootcamp course.

Morningside Moodle Moots

Morningside has begun to offer our own in-house Moodle Moot (a mini-conference).  This link will take you to each year's Moodle Moot's Moodle page.  Here users can fund past programs and the links to any supporting files and video recordings of the sessions.