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Last updated September 14, 2016

Carnegie Mellon (OLI)

Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative (OLI) is an series of free online courses that can be used to help deliver material to students.  Courses cover many typical introductory level coursework including biology, chemistry, psychology, statistics, and some languages. Instructors have the option to set up courses and monitor student progress.  There are student fees for some courses if this option is used by the instructor.


Along with being a mechanism to deliver your own content to students, iTunesU also provides many freely available course materials from other instructors that are free and open to use. To find freely available courses go to iTunes and in the store go to iTunes U and search the topic area of interest.


The original Open Educational Research repository and search engine.  Merlot allows users to create, share, and search for open educational materials. 


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have a wide variety of flavors including simply recorded lectures with assignments to more interactive engaging courses.  The term MOOC is more of a generic term for any type of course that is offered online for free. MOOC material can be used to augment courses by being an alternative to content delivery or as an opportunity for extra student practice.  This link provides one search engine for MOOCs on the Internet.

OER Commons

OER commons is another repository of open educational resources. OER commons provides tools for users to create, share, and search for OERs.

Open Education Consortium

The Open Education Consortium is an organization dedicated to providing open education. This site provides users with strategies for using OERs in their classrooms and provides webinars on the movement for open education.  In addition OERs are available to search on this site.

Open Stax

OpenStax is a site where users can find free and open text books from most introductory courses offered in colleges and universities.  These text books have been peer-reviewed.

TED Talks

TED Talks provide hundreds of freely available lectures from leaders in the field.  TED Ed is a sister service that allows users to create interactive lessons with TED talk videos or other video available on the Internet.