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Writing and Notetaking

Last updated March 20, 2018


Evernote is a note taking and note storage and organization program.  Users can write their own notes, save files, and clip web materials and save into Evernote.  Users create tags to help organize notes to find them later.  Evernote is cloud based so users can access their notes from any device they have the app.  Free versions limit access to two devices. Evernote Scannable is a related app that allows users to scan paper documents to store to Evernote or send to another person in either an image file or PDF file.


Kaisena is a program that allows for more efficient feedback on student papers.  With 4 different forms of feedback (text, audio, lesson, and skills) feedback can become more rich and efficient.  Feedback shows up in real time for students and the interface allows a form of dialog to occur between student and instructor.  Compatible with most common forms of text files and google docs.

Google Docs

A part of your Morningside Google account, all users have access to Google Docs.  Google Docs provides basically the same word processing power as Word or Pages, but has the additional ability to share the documents and work collaboratively with others.  Google docs can be shared privately or publicly. Revision histories are automatically created and the user has the ability to revert back to an earlier version. 

One Note

Microsoft One Note is a note taking and note organization program. Users can create separate notebooks for different topics or classes.  Notes can have typewritten text, written text, URL links, drawings, and files.  Sharing and collaboration is also a feature of One Note.


Notability is a note taking app available on iOS.  Notabilty can link to other cloud storage such as Dropbox and iCloud.  Allows for both text notes and written notes and drawings/annotations as well as audio notes and image capture.   Noteabilty has the ability to record audio and record note taking all at once allowing a user to 'play back' the lecture.


Penultimate is another apple notetaking app and is integrated with Evernote, so if you are an Evernote user, you will likely choose Penultimate over other note taking apps.  Allows for both text and written notes and drawings/annotations.


Perusall is an online note taking tool where students can be graded on the number and quality of their annotations of assigned readings.  Reading must be electronic (pdf, epub, or electronic textbook purchased through Perusall).  Instructors set up a course and assign readings.  Students can be placed into large or small discussion groups and respond to one another's annotations.  Could be used as a mechanism for holding students accountable for pre-class readings.


TitanPad is a collaborative writing tool that tracks individual writing contributions and make a real-time recording of the work. Includes a chat window and color coding of author contributions.