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Employee Handbook

Last updated December 08, 2020

Employee Handbook


This handbook is designed to acquaint you with the employment policies and benefits for exempt/administrative and nonexempt/administrative support staff of Morningside College. The college reserves the right to make changes in policies and employee benefits as it considers in the best interest of the Morningside community. This handbook contains summaries and general overviews; it is not all-inclusive. For details or clarification of the information in this handbook or specific benefit plan regulations and documents, please contact the Office of Human Resources as (712) 274-5114.



Policy changes or modifications are within the sole discretion of the college, acting through the President, Vice President of Business & Finance, Director of Human Resources, and/or the Board of Trustees. No other college official or representative has the authority to alter the policies in this handbook, to enter into any contract or agreement with any employee, or to make oral or written promises or commitments regarding issues covered by these policies.


Each member of the college community is responsible for reading and complying with these policies and procedures. Employees who violate these or any college policies or procedures may be disciplined. The policies summarized in this handbook have been adopted voluntarily by Morningside College and do not constitute contractual rights or obligations. The college values its employees and looks forward to a mutually satisfactory employment relationship, but neither an employee nor the college is obligated to continue the relationship if either does not wish to do so.

Employment at Morningside College is at-will and this handbook does not represent an employment contract.

Please feel free to stop in, call, or send an e-mail to the Office of Human Resources with questions you may have regarding your employment here at Morningside College.