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Last updated April 12, 2021

Campus Safety

Morningside's Campus Security Office is committed to assuring the safety of their faculty, staff, and students.  The links st the right provide helpful tools for insuring safety at Morningside University.

Workers Compensation

All employees of Morningside University are covered by the Iowa Workers Compensation Insurance Law. Workers Compensation insurance provides partial income replacement and medical care payments for employees who experience a job-related injury or illness. Coverage is automatic upon employment.  Workers Compensation Insurance is paid for entirely by the university.

Reporting an Accident

If you are injured at work or while performing a job-related function required by the university, you must report the accident to your supervisor immediately and complete an Incident Report Form. In addition, please contact Cindy Welp in Human Resources at 274-5114.

A witness statement should be completed by employees who witness an injury or accident incurred by a fellow employee.

*The university must report all accidents to the workers' compensation insurance company. The insurance company has the responsibility for investigating all claims and determining eligibility for workers' compensation benefits.