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On-Campus from Off-Campus

Last updated February 03, 2016

A number of services exist on-campus that are not directly accessible from off-campus such as, AIMS, shared files, printing, and etc. To enable secure access to these services we provide special "tunnels".


  1. VIA (Virtual Internet Access) - Intelligently forwards Morningside-bound traffic through a secure tunnel to the campus while all other internet traffic goes straight online.
  2. VPN (Virtual Private Network) [Deprecated in favor of VIA] - Routes ALL network traffic through campus network equipment.
  3. Secure FTP - Direct access to FS/WEBS (Shared drives and hosted content) does not require a dedicated "tunnel", only client software capable of connecting.


VIA is the preferred connection mechanism for accessing on-campus services. It is a software client compatible with Windows and Apple computers that automatically detects if the computer is on the campus network. If the computer is on the college network, it stays dorment. When the computer off-campus, VIA detects that the network is remote and creates a secure tunnel to the campus. All detected Morningside traffic is sent to campus using this tunnel, allowing the client computer to function exactly as though it were on-campus.

Because the software detects the network automatically, it is safe to leave the software running.

Installation and Configuration Instructions

Supported use for VIA client

Because the VIA client allows seamless network access to Morningside Campus from any outside location all use is expected to abide by the Data Security Policy (see below). The best way to use VIA, for users with a desktop workstation on campus, is to utilize "Remote Desktop" technology over the VIA connection.

Remote desktop allows a remote user to open a window to a computer on campus.

Through the Remote Desktop window all programs, files, and icons are available for use without actually downloading data away from campus.


VPN at Morningside is an older technology that is no longer actively installed at Morningside College in favor of the VIA client. In fact, after 1 Jan 2014, if you need support with a VPN connection the answer will almost always be "use VIA."

Secure FTP (SFTP)

  1. Shared drives and files
  2. WEBS websites
  3. Morningside Web Sites

SFTP provides secure access to campus resources installed on FS which include:

Windows-based computers:

Apple-based program:



  • Native SCP client

Additionally, FS will also serve personnel webpages. Simply create a public_html "<username>/"

By default, "<username>/index.html"

To access these shares you'll need these parameters:

USERNAME: Your Morningside username
PASSWORD: (Your Morningside password)
DIRECTORY: /home/(username)

All files which may be accessed via your S:-drive may also be accessed using SCP (Secure Copy Protocol).

Data Security Policy

Users employing any of the above methods must be extra conscientious about data security because they can easily facilitate data copies leaving the campus.

If you are going to be accessing student data, or any sensitive information, then you must:

  • Keep the device that you are using secure.
    • Password protect the device. If a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you must set it up so that a password is neede d to use it.
    • Don't lose the device or let it get stolen. If it is stolen, call the police and let your supervisor know.
  • Don't download sensitive information, and don't let the apps store keep information on the device.
  • Know the risk and take responsibility for it.