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Network & Computer Workstation Policy

Last updated June 30, 2014

I. Computer and the Network Access Policy

Access to Morningside College computers is restricted to users with a unique and authorized network ID and password, your "Mustang Logon". Use your Mustang Logon whenever you use a Morningside computer and logoff whenever you leave that station.

  1. Users are not allowed to use a system using credentials other than their own.
  2. A "used" PC will not be assigned to another employee without first being "cleaned" or imaged.

Access to network resources, including storage space, is also restricted to users with an appropriate logon. Storage space is assigned privately to individuals (typically mapped to the S drive), and assigned to groups of individuals (typically mapped to the M drive). Users may only use resources that they are authorized to use.

  1. Users are not allowed to access another person's private storage space (their S:drive).
  2. Users should not keep personal files on the shared storage (the M drive).

II.Options for Administrative Computers

Administrative offices and departments have four options for obtaining computer workstations.

  1. *Departments can purchase new computers in consultation with Technology Service Center (TSC) staff. If a standard configuration is desired, departments can purchase directly through the Purchasing Agent. These purchases will be fully supported by the TSC.
  2. Departments can lease laptop computers from the TSC when they are available. These leases will be fully supported by the Technology Service Center (TSC).
  3. Departments can purchase used computers from the TSC when they are available. These purchases will be fully supported by the TSC for as long as they are warrantied. TSC service ends at the end of warranty (Used computers sold in the bookstore have been re-set to off-campus configurations and will not be supported by the TSC).
  4. Departments may purchase computers independent of the TSC or the Purchasing Agent, but these purchases will not be supported by the TSC. Purchasing used computers from the Bookstore is an example of this non-supported option.

III. Termination of Employment and Accounts

Before departure, a departing employee should transfer useful files and electronic work to colleagues. The Technology Service Center (TSC) can help copy files to another computer or to a network location.

Upon departure the computer will be picked up by the TSC and all of the data on the computer will be securely archived for 90 days. The employee's access to network resources will be terminated.

The supervisor should ensure that all necessary files from the computer and from the employee's private network storage have been transferred. If the departure is unexpected, the TSC will disable the employee's computer and network access and work with the supervisor to transfer useful files to other accounts. File transfers should be completed within one week of a departure.

IV. Exceptions

Exceptions to these guidelines can be made through a request to the Director of Information Services. These requests should be made via email, and if approved, an email from the Director of Information Services will confirm the request. The Director of Information Services will keep a list of all approved exceptions.