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S:Drive Guide

Last updated August 14, 2014

Last rev. November 2010

The S:drive is your shortcut to data storage on Morningside's central servers. You can access files on the S:drive from any computer on campus and in several ways from off-campus.

  1. Use the S:drive to store all of your Morningside work. Set-up your workstation to save directly to the S:drive.

  2. Use Google Docs when you want to collaborate by sharing drafts. When a document or spreadsheet is no longer a draft, move it off of Google Docs and onto your S:drive.

  3. Use My Documents, the C:drive, CDs, DVDs, and flash drives only for your personal, non-Morningside data.

For most Morningside users, the S drive was originally configured as an empty file folder. In the future we will be adding a list to keep track of top-level folders. For example, many users have several shared folders and hundreds of private documents on their S:drive. The configuration change will separate shared folders from private documents. After the changes, your files will still be organized as they are now, but there will be an additional place for links to shared folders.

The data on your S:drive is available only to you, and we can recover lost or deleted files for up to 90 days. Call x5544 when you need to recover a file. Your S:drive is limited to 5 Gigabytes. More than 10 Gigabytes on your S:drive will incurr a charge of 10 cents per Gigabyte per month. However, we offer other (free) options to store large amounts of data, please contact x5544 for additional data storage.

For more information, contact the Technology Services Center manager, x5544.