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Termination of Employment

Last updated May 05, 2020


  1. The departing employee's “Morningside Logon”(Active Directory account) will be disabled. This will end access to workstations and most networked resources.

  2. The departing employee's CampusWeb account will be disabled.

  3. The departing employee will be removed from all mailing lists, email listservs, and text message notifications related to their employment.

  4. Other accounts specific to the employee’s department and responsibilities will be disabled. (For example AIMS, eResLife, LaserFische, etc.)


After departure, an employee’s access to Google Apps, including the “” email, calendars, and sites, will be disabled and all incoming email will be monitored in a manner depending on further agreements.

  • Option One: Mail will not be monitored and the departing employee may keep their “” email address (and other Google apps) for one month after their employment termination provided they agree to forward all Morningside business to the appropriate person and to not use the email address to represent themselves as a Morningside employee.  Otherwise, option two will be used.  After one month, option two will be used.

  • Option Two: The departing employee's Google Apps account will be disabled and incoming mail will be periodically checked for business related matters.   For one year, the disabled email account will send an automatic reply indicating the appropriate email address to use for business, and a personal email address to use (if known) for personal correspondence.   

Technology and Hardware:

Upon departure, all of the computers and hardware assigned to the departing employee must be secured by a Department of Information Services worker by appointment or may be checked in at Technology Services.   Data on the computers will be preserved and distributed according to the guidelines below, and the devices will be cleared and re-purposed.   Hardware includes but is not restricted to desktop workstations, laptop computers, tablets, external hard drives, and flash drives.

  • In some instances, employees may be able to purchase said equipment with VP and/or department head approval.  Prices will be determined and communicated to the employee and HR.  If purchasing is approved, the computer MUST be brought to Tech Services for re-imaging back to the original factory image.  All college data and college-issued software will be removed.  Please schedule an appointment to do so by calling the Technology Services Center Supervisor at 712-274-5566.  
  • Approved purchases must be completed with a signed Bill of Sale document and receipt of payment.


Data from departing employee’s computers, external devices, network file shares, blogs, etc., will be preserved and distributed according to the supervisor of departing employee under the following guidelines.  Data includes but is not limited to word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, databases, blogs, and websites.

  1. Current and working files will be made accessible to other employees as appropriate.

  2. Obsolete files will be archived according to departmental procedures.

  3. Personal files will be copied to portable media (provided by employee) and returned to the departing employee. Originals will be deleted.