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Discounted Software for Students

Last updated March 01, 2018

Morningside has a site license for Microsoft Office which is installed on all college-owned student computers.  Current Morningside students may obtain discounted software for their personal use through qualifying programs made available by our preferred software vendors.

Verification of student enrollment for the current term is required to place your order.


Morningside does not have site licensing for Adobe products. Students in classes that utilize this software may use the computers in the Graphics Lab. However, if you wish to work outside the lab, you will need to obtain your own license. All Adobe products are downloaded, subscription-based applications.   If taking a class that utilizes Adobe products, your instructor will provide information on obtaining licenses for your college computer.  For more information, see: Adobe Cloud


Go to our preferred vendor site:

  • Fill in the information as requested.
  • You must be a currently-registered student to order from this site.
  • You will be required to provide verification before you can place your order.

Information concerning your order will be sent to the college email address you entered.