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Last updated December 03, 2018

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About Follow Me Printing

Printing at Morningside is easy. High speed printers, paper, and software are provided so that students can print wirelessly from anywhere on campus and pick up their work at a number of locations.

The current revision of the student printing system at Morningside College is called Follow Me Printing. Students print a job to a virtual printer that behaves like a cloud. The job then follows the student to whichever printer they choose to print at.


Printing charges are included as part of your tech fee (based on 400 B&W pages). When printing at a color print station, each page is equivalent to nine B&W pages.   The charges are deducted from a dedicated printer account, handled automatically at the print stations. As long as you pay your technology fee, your printer account is automatically filled at the start of each semester. Funds transfer from Fall to Spring, and are recharged at the semester. Funds accumulated throughout the year are reset following the academic year.

You can view your printer account anytime by logging in to any print station.   Additional funds can be added to your printer account at the Business Office. Accounts can be recharged in increments of $5.00. (Your Printer account is NOT the same as your regular financial account at the Business Office)

How to Print

First: configure your computer

Get your laptop configured with "Students" as your default printer. (This only has to be done once, though you may have to re-enter your password if it is changed). You can get your computer configured at the Technology Services Center, or you can do it yourself by following these instructions:

Mac OS

Step One

Print your document as you normally would, but select "Students" as your printer. Your print job will be stored safely on a central server. Your document will be automatically removed from the queue if not released in 24 hours.

Step Two

Go to the printer of your choice (see the list below). Log into the print release station, choose your document, and release your print job. Your document will print at that station.


See StudentPrintersMap.pdf for a map of printing locations.

20 Black & white print stations (@ .05/page) are located as follows:

  • Each Residence Hall & Apt buildings
  • Mustang Grill--near the bookstore
  • Lewis Hall--2nd floor main hallway
  • HJF Learning Center, 1st floor near the stairs and 2nd floor by Tutoring Center
  • Buhler-Rolfs Bldg.--1st Floor Atrium; 2nd floor-Bridge area, and 3rd floor by Nursing Dept.
  • Walker Science Center, in the Atrium
  • Hindman-Hobbs (HPER) - in vending area
  • Lincoln Center--in study room
  • MacCollin/Eppley--lower level near practice rooms
  • Charles City--lower level

2 Color printer locations (@ .45/page) :

  • Olsen Student Center--lower level; bottom of the stairwell  (near ATM machine)
  • Buhler-Rolfs Hall - 2nd floor-Bridge area

This service is only available while on campus, and provides best results when plugged in to an Ethernet cable or connected to the "Morningside" wireless network.


The following are the most common issues preventing successful printing.

  1. Computer has not been restarted. This has been the most common factor in the inability to print. If you were able to print at one time but can't now, then try a restart.
  2. Wrong Paper Size or Type. All of the printers are set to have Plain Paper that is 8.5" x 11". If your computer tries to print to a larger size paper or a different paper type (e.g. 8.5" x 14" glossy) then it will want you to load the bypass tray (Tray 1) with the correct paper type and size. If this happens it will give an "out of paper error" in tray one. To get past this, just hit the OK button and follow the on-screen instructions on the printer display. This will reroute the job to tray two where the paper is.
  3. Printing from a browser. Due to the varying Operating systems on our student computers we have to use Universal Drivers for printing. Printing directly from a browser page can sometimes cause a job to be refused by the printer. If this happens try saving the webpage to a word document or pdf file. The print server rarely has problems with these types of print requests.
  4. Printer is Paused. The MacBooks have a tendency of pausing the documents when the computer is in transit. If this happens open up your printer in the system preferences and click resume
  5. Passwords. If your password was not set to be remembered or you have changed your password recently this will cause it to no longer work and the new password will need to be inserted into the printer connection

If any of these steps do not fix the issue or you are just unsure, just stop by Tech Services for assistance.

Dorm Printing: Please let your Resident Assistant know that you are having trouble. Your RA can contact tech support.

Library Printing: Please let the circulation desk know that you are having trouble.

For comments and suggestions, please email:   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


What if the printer takes my money but does not print?

We will credit your account for lost work; contact Tech Services to request a refund.   In the meantime, try these steps, in this order.

  • Log off, and log in again to see if the problem resolves itself.
  • Try another printer location.

If neither of these options work,  there may be a system wide problem. You may need to wait a few hours or overnight.

What if my account runs out of money?

Go to the Business Office, M-F 8am-5pm to add money to your printer account. Your printer account is NOT the same as your Morningside financial account..

Can I print from off-campus?

No. The printing system only works on campus, and provides best results when plugged in via Ethernet or when connected to the Morningside wireless network.

Can I print in a dorm even if I don't live there?

Yes, you can use a dorm printer the same as any other location.

I am a commuter student, can I use this system?

Yes, all of the locations will work for commuter students.

How many pages can I print?

While actual printing is dependent on whether or not you do any color printing, 100% black and white printing will allow you to print 400 pages. More pages are available for purchase by visiting the Business Office.

I'm a 5th year student and I pay a reduced technology fee. Do I get printing?

Yes, your technology fee covers your printing in the same way as other students.

I am a part-time student taking less than 9 hours.   Do I get printing?

You can get added to the program by visiting the Business Office and paying for an account. You get automatic printing credit only if you pay the technology fee.

Still need help? Contact The Technology Services Center

In person: The TSC is located on the lower level of Olsen Student Center, and is open M-F 8am to 5pm. (mid-May to mid-August 8am-4pm M-F)

By Phone: Call 712-274-5544

By Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)