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End of Semester Procedures

Last updated January 05, 2021

What do I do with my computer at the end of the semester?

If PRE-REGISTERED for classes for the Spring 2021 term  – you may take the computer home over the semester break.

(Reminder:  this is also a good time to double-check that your family homeowners or renters insurance covers your computer against theft or loss whether at school, home or traveling—YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR INSURING THE COMPUTER!)

If NOT PRE-REGISTERED for Spring 2021 term – you must check the computer & components in for TEMPORARY STORAGE over the semester break by 3pm Thursday, December 10, 2020.  

Be sure to obtain a Check-in Receipt stating it is for TEMPORARY STORAGE. Computers will be available for pick-up beginning Tuesday, January 12th with proof of your validation for classes for the Spring term.

If NOT returning to Morningside for the Spring 2021 semester – you must RETURN the computer & components after your final exam or no later than 3pm Thursday, December 10, 2020 or exercise the PURCHASE OPTION.

RETURNS:   to Technology Services in Olsen lower level (after hours or weekends with Campus Security).  BE SURE YOU OBTAIN A Check-in Receipt for proof of computer return.  
Or ship the computer back to the college following these:  "RETURN SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS".

PURCHASE option:  contact the Notebook Program Coordinator 712-274-5355 for buyout amounts.  Purchases are payable at the Business Office in Lewis Hall or on-line from your CampusWeb account under "My Billing".

December 2020 Grads  – If you meet the criteria for ownership of the computer, you will receive a receipt from the Student Notebook Coordinator.

Grads NOT meeting the ownership criteria (based on 4-semester cycle with the current computer),  are contacted by email of their option to purchase or swap their current computer for one that has completed the 4-semester cycle. Contact the Student Notebook Coordinator 712-274-5355 if you have questions.

Students needing secure storage over the break – If you will be traveling and do not have a secure area to store your computer or don’t want to risk having it stolen, please check it in for TEMPORARY STORAGE.   

Be sure to specify if you are dropping it off for TEMPORARY STORAGE.   The computer will be kept in a secure storage area in the same state as when you dropped it off.  Make sure you receive a check-in receipt when dropping off your computer.

Check-in Location -- Be sure you get a check-in receipt as proof of computer return

  • Technology Services (lower level of Olsen Student Center)   .  Mon-Fri 8am - 3:30pm
  • If after hours or weekends -- Campus Security office in Olsen Student Center