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Student Computers: FAQ’s

Last updated March 07, 2018

Q: How do I get my new computer?

A: Fall Term:  The main computer distribution for new freshman students will be during Summer Enrollment Days in June. 
(Computer distribution for new Transfer & Re-Admitting students is scheduled on Validation Day in August: time TBA).
A: Spring Term:  Computer distribution is held on Validation Day in January; time TBA.

  • Bring or obtain your new Morningside College student ID.
  • The full version of the following 3 contracts should be read ahead of time. They are located online here and are referenced from your Admissions Dashboard when completing the computer selection.
    • Student Computer Agreement Full Version‑online
    • Computer Ethics and Network Acceptable Use Policy‑online
    • Microsoft Campus License Agreement‑Student Acceptance Form‑online
  • Students are required to sign a one-page condensed version of these contracts when picking up the new computer.
  • Full-time students will be receiving an Apple MacBook Air with a choice of operating systems:  Mac OS or Windows 10  (Full-time Transfer/Re-Admitted students will receive the model year that coincides with the technology refresh schedule based on the number of semesters they have until graduation.)
  • View complete configurations here.

Q: Do I need insurance for my new computer?

A: YES -- all students are liable for the loss or theft of their computers. Please be sure to check that the family's homeowners or renters insurance covers the laptop whether at home, college, or traveling. Purchase a rider that will cover the laptop for theft or loss.

Q: What if my laptop is lost or stolen?

A:  Report the theft/loss to the local Police and Campus Security.  Then, call or email the Student Notebook Coordinator with the Police Report Number and summary of what happened. If you are filing a claim with your insurance company, contact the Student Notebook Coordinator for the configuration and replacement value of the laptop.

When you are issued the laptop, one of the first things to do is to setup “Find My Mac” to find and protect a lost or stolen Mac. This will allow you to locate it, lock it, or erase all of its data.  (google for complete instructions)

Q: Am I responsible for repairing my computer?

A:  Computer warranty and Accidental Damage Protection:

The Apple computers come with 3-yr extended hardware warranty coverage and the accidental damage protection service is handled by the college and is included in the Apple technology fee. There is a $200 deductible per damage incident. (After the first damage incident, additional charges may apply based on repair cost estimate). Repairs are provided on-campus through the Technology Services Center. They provide both hardware and software support and are located in the lower level of the Olsen Student Center. Loaner computers are available at no charge if extended repairs are needed.

Q: What about printing ?

A: There are 22 Student Print Stations located throughout campus, including all residence halls and academic buildings.  All are black & white, with 2 color print stations--one located in Olsen Student Center & the other in Buhler-Rohlfs.  Get more info here.

Q: Can I run Windows on a Mac?

A:  YES--The Apple MacBook laptops can run the Mac OS or Windows operating system. If you initially selected Mac OS and later wish to have Windows installed, please make an appointment at the Technology Services Center.

Q: What else will I need for my dorm room?

A:  While wireless access for your computer is available across the majority of campus, you will need to connect devices such as gaming boxes through the Ethernet port in your room. Ethernet cables are available at local retailers or online.

A:  It is a good idea to purchase a portable external hard drive, such as a thumb drive, and/or save your documents to Google drive.

Q: How long do I keep this computer?

A:  The College has a 2 yr technology refresh program. All incoming freshman receive a new computer, then “refresh” with a new computer at the start of their junior year. The link to more information about the program is located here. 

Q: How do I save a back up copy of my homework?

A: The College provides a safe secure network drive (via campus Google drive), for students to save all their coursework. This will be configured during the computer setup process.  It is highly recommended to also save to a thumb drive or external device. For further assistance, stop by Technology Services.

Q:  How do I access my Morningside Email?

A: The "MySide" page provides quick links to your Morningside Email, CampusWeb, Moodle and other campus info and is handy as your browser homepage.  See:

Q: My logon and passwords don’t work for Moodle or CampusWeb.

A:   Help with these is available from the Technology Services Center at (712) 274-5544 or consult the Technology Services Knowledge Base.

Q: Who do I go to if I don’t know how to use Excel or some other software application?

A: Tech Services staff may be able to help with some software applications or check with the HJF Learning Center (Library) staff for help researching on-line help options.  Also use the "help" feature on the software site.


For helpful tips and answers to many questions see the Technology Services Knowledge Base.

Avoid problems or fatal data disasters by utilizing the technology and resources provided to you on campus.

Welcome to Morningside!

Questions? ... Contact:

LeeAnn Gates
Notebook Program Coordinator
(712) 274-5355
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)