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Junior Career Development

Last updated August 15, 2018

As an upperclassman, you are now well on your way to meet the academic requirements needs to graduate.  Now, it is time to start focusing on your career plan and implementing strategies that will lead you to success.  Are you on track?

To find job demand and average salaries of various occupations, please visit one of the following labor market sites.

Resumes, etc:

If you do not already have a professional level resume, you should prioritize that on your list.  Check out the links below to access tools that can help you get started.  Schedule an appointment with Career Services to help you polish up and elevate your resume.

Resumes, Etc.

Jobs & Internships:

Looking for an internship or part time job?  Our job posting site has access to hundreds of job postings appropriate for college students, and upcoming graduates.  Check out the link below to learn more about our job board.  You should also schedule an appointment with Career Services to learn more about appropriate opportunities that may be available. You can do that by selecting Career Center at the top right of the page (or if you are using the mobile app, the School Icon at the bottom of the page), then Select Appointments and Select a New Appointment.

If you have an interest in research or graduate school, you may also want to consider a summer research for undergraduates experience (REU).  These  experiences typically include summer research opportunities at large research universities or hospitals.  Graduate schools, particularly in the areas of science, math, and engineering, value these types of experiences.  Summer REU participants are usually eligible for some kind of stipend.  Schedule an appointment with Career Services to learn more.

Graduate School:

If you know you are headed to graduate school, now is the time to begin to research schools and analyze admissions requirements, as well as application deadlines.

Graduate School Timelines

General Graduate School Information