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Sophomore Career Development

Last updated August 15, 2018

Starting your second year means starting the year with a more specified focus on your career development.  This year is a crucial time for students to focus on academics, continue to connect on campus, and to begin to develop leadership opportunities both on and off campus.

Career Exploration:

Do you have a major?  A plan for your career development?  Personal and professional goals for after graduation? By identifying your career development goals for the future, Career Services can work with you to map out a specific strategy to reach your aspirations.  It’s never too early to start!  Check out the college timelines to see if you are on track.

If you have not declared a major, it’s time to get serious about developing a plan.  Career Services can discuss career options, providing information about particular jobs or industries, and even administer a career assessment test, and discuss your results.

Career Assessments

Do you know your major, but just are not quite sure what you want to do with it?

To find job demand and average salaries of various occupations, please visit one of the following labor market sites.


Job Shadowing/Observations:

In addition, Career Services is equipped with the network and contacts to assist you in identifying potential job shadowing sites, as well as mentors in your career field.  This becomes especially important when starting to investigate internship opportunities.  To learn more, schedule a meeting with Career Services or see what internships are available on our job posting site (listed below).

Get Involved:

Sophomore year is a good time to get involved, both on campus and in the community, and to build leadership experience.  Not only does this involvement help forge a connection to campus, and meet other people, it can also help build your resume with leadership and teamwork accomplishments.  Click the link to find out what types of opportunities are available with campus groups and organizations.

Campus Organizations

Need a Job or Internship?

If you are looking for part time employment off campus or internships, Career Services can help.  We have access to hundreds of job postings appropriate for college students, both during the semester, or in the summer.  Check out the link below to learn more about our job board.