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Branded Templates and Fonts

Last updated March 31, 2020

Below are several items you may find useful as you conduct business on behalf of Morningside College.


Morningside has official fonts that represent the Morningside brand. Please refer to the Morningside Brand Identity Manual for complete information, but all employees should have the following fonts downloaded to their computer and should use them on all communication, email, etc.

If you are absolutely NOT able to download these fonts, Helvetica Neue or Helvetica may be used.


Electronic Letterhead

Electronic letterhead is a great way to reduce paper and provide a polished look. Simply download this template and use it to email letters and other documents to those with whom you are conducting business.

Template With No Bleeds (For printing from your local printer)
Template for Email or Electronic Use


PowerPoint Templates

For your convenience, both a standard and widescreen PowerPoint template are available. The widescreen version is preferred for use at Morningside and will provide the best look. Both templates should default to Helvetica as a font selection to ensure maximum compatibility.

Widescreen PowerPoint Template (Preferred for use at Morningside)
Standard PowerPoint Template