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Floor Names

Last updated February 20, 2020

Current Residence Hall Floor Names and Floor Types

2020-2021 Academic Year

For the 2020-2021 academic year, Roadman Ground South will move back to Women. Current students cannot sign up for freshman floors.  All other floors are available to all students.

Hall Room Numbers Floor/Wing Floor Type Gender
Dimmitt G001-G015 Ground A First-Year Women
Dimmitt 101-115 1st A First-Year Women
Dimmitt 122-131 1st B Traditional Women
Dimmitt 157-172, 174 1st D Traditional Men
Dimmitt 173, 175-188 1st E First-Year Men
Dimmitt 201-215 2nd A First-Year Women
Dimmitt 216-236 2nd B Traditional/AOPi Women
Dimmitt 256-274 2nd D Traditional Men
Dimmitt 275-288 2nd E First-Year Men
Dimmitt 301-315 3rd A First-Year Men
Dimmitt 321-334 3rd B Traditional Men
Dimmitt 336-343, 345 3rd WC Traditional Men
Dimmitt 344, 346-357 3rd EC Traditional Women
Dimmitt 358-373 3rd D Traditional Women
Dimmitt 375-388 3rd E First-Year Women
Plex 200-216 2nd floor First-Year Women
Plex 300-307 3rd short Traditional not yet assigned
Plex 308-319 3rd central First-Year Men
Plex 320-330 3rd long Traditional Men
Roadman 30-41 Ground south Traditional anticipated to be women
Roadman 130-142 1st south Traditional Men
Roadman 201-210, 226-228 2nd short Traditional Women
Roadman 211-225 2nd long First-Year Women
Roadman 230-246 2nd south Traditional Women
Roadman 301-310, 326-328 3rd short Traditional Men
Roadman 311-325 3rd long First-Year Men
Roadman 330-349 3rd south Traditional Men



Please note that floor assignments may change at anytime due to changes in the student population, anticipated need, or areas of campus becoming unavailable.