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Personal Counseling Info For Parents

Last updated January 26, 2016

The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit organization working to prevent suicide and promote mental health among college students, created a guide comprised of tips and information for parents with children transitioning into or attending college called "Protecting Your Child's Mental Health: What Parents Can Do." The Jed Foundation has also created a website called Transition Year for students and parents, with resources about college student mental health and wellness. The Jed Foundation website offers numerous articles, information, tips, and suggestions for parents of college students about mental and emotional health.

Consultations for Parents

If you have a concern about your student's psychological or emotional health and well-being, please contact Mrs. Meister for consultation. Mrs. Meister can listen, provide suggestions, direction, and discuss with you options for assisting your student depending on his or her unique situation and needs. Please remember that Mrs. Meister holds legal and ethical responsibilities to maintain students' privacy and confidentiality. As such, she is not able to confirm or deny counseling attendance to anyone, including parents, without appropriate written consent from the student. Mrs. Meister can listen to anything you would like to share about your student, but she cannot reciprocate without consent from the student. If a parent would like more information about their student's contact with Mrs. Meister, it is advisable for the parent to ask the student to sign appropriate releases of information to allow for such contact.