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Campus Organizations

Last updated May 23, 2019


Ag Club       
Student Leader: Rachael Arnts, rja004@
Adviser: Rich Crow, crowr@, & Tom Paulsen, paulsent@
Meeting Time & Location: Thursday at 7:00pm (once or twice a month), in Weikert Auditorium
Purpose/Description: Organization focused on providing opportunities to engage students with the agricultural world.

Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII)
Student Leader: Madison Reynolds, msr003@
Adviser: Shannon De Clute, x5319, declutes@
Meeting Time & Location: Closed meetings.
Purpose/Description: Theta Chi chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi at Morningside college has been initiating extraordinary women as members. All of whom are guided by the same values. We pride ourselves in the development of leadership, teamwork, building of lifelong friendships and acting philanthropically.

Beta Beta Beta    
Student Leader: Brook Boyd, bab019@
Adviser: Tim Sesterhenn, x5513, sesterhennt@
Meeting Time & Location: Monday at 8:00pm. Meetings are held in Buehler Rohlf 126.
Purpose/Description: Beta Beta Beta is the biology honor society on campus for students with 3 semesters of biology classes with a 3.0 GPA in those classes. We encourage student/professor involvement in events on campus and around the community. We also encourage research and academic success in order to make advancements in the life sciences.

Business Honors
Student Leader: Tim Cohoon, tjc009@
Adviser: Anne Power, powera@
Purpose/Description: Business Honors is an organization that challenges students academically and prepares them professionally for careers in business and accounting.

Chemistry Club
Student Leader: Matthew Nieland, man004@
Adviser: Brian McFarland, x5250, mcfarlandb@
Meeting Time & Location: Monday at 7:00pm in SC 002
Purpose/Description: The Morningside College Chemistry Club is an organization with the purpose to promote awareness and enjoyment of the field of chemistry to members and others. Through the Chemistry Club, our members will gain a greater appreciation of chemistry through various social, community, and professional activities, and help others to learn about and appreciate chemistry as well.

Collegian Reporter
Adviser: Ross Fuglsand, fuglsand@
Purpose/Description: Collegian Reporter has been Morningside's student-run newspaper since 1898.  As the student voice on campus affairs, The CR welcomes students from all of the College's majors and disciplines.

Student Leader: Rachel Potter, rap010@
Adviser: Andy Nelson, nelsona@
Meeting Time & Location: Thursday at 7:00pm in Dimmitt Study Lounge
Purpose/Description: A Bible study to bring college women into a Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.

Entrepreneurship Group
Student Leader: Sarah Sadler, scs006@
Adviser: Pam Mickelson, mickelson@
Meeting Time & Location: Thursday at 6:00pm in Lincoln Center Lobby.
Purpose/Description: E-group is dedicated to providing opportunituies for students that will promote entrepreneurship, ignite their passions, and refine their skills 

Gender Undone
Student Leader: Nicole Beaman, npb003@
Adviser: Valerie Hennings, x5225, henningsv@
Meeting Time & Location: Tuesdays at 4:00pm in the first floor of the Library.
Purpose/Description: The students of Morningside have created a group ardent in the support of feminism, gender equality, intersectionality, and LGBT rights. We are curious about gender, and we consider and question the concept of gender including how it is defined and redefined throughout society and how it is experienced by all.

International Student Association    
President: Sofia Marrufo sam017@
Vice President: Jesus Sanz jas036@
Secretary: Wanying (Angela) Chen wc007@
Social Media/PR: Danna Sanchez das015@
Treasurer: Jacob Ariston jpa002@
Adviser: Katie Roskie, roskiek@
Meeting Time: TBD - New Semester
Purpose/Description: ISA strives to promote cultural awareness through dynamic activities in which students are able to learn from people from different cultures and backgrounds.

KMSC, Fusion 93 (92.9 FM)
(Morningside's student-run radio station)
Adviser: Dave Madsen, madsend@
Meeting Time & Location: Wednesday at noon (when necessary) in Olsen Student Center.
Purpose/Description: KMSC, Fusion 93 (92.9 FM) is the college’s student-run radio station. KMSC offers volunteer DJs experience in radio broadcasting and an outlet for showcasing musical diversity through radio broadcast. KMSC aims to provide alternative programming to Sioux City’s FM radio market, offering a unique sound on the FM dial.

Morningside College TV (MCTV)
Adviser: Dave Madsen, x5480, madsend@
Purpose/Description: MCTV provides experience for students who wish to learn more about television production. We have access to a local cable channel to broadcast our work, which includes many Mustang athletic events, such as football and basketball games, all of which are also videostreamed.

Morningside Activities Council (MAC)
Student Leader: Sabrina Guerra, smg007@
Adviser: Zac Pac, x5337, pacez@,
Meeting Time & Location: Monday at 6:00pm in the Student Government Office.
Purpose/Description: To provide activities for the students to partake in especially on the weekends, such as Comedians, Hypnotists, Dances, Live Bands, Sporting Events, Ice Skating, Movies, etc.  
To become involved: To become involved, come to a meeting or look for information outside the student government office.

Morningside Anime Division
Student Leader: Morgan Polenske, map012@
Adviser: Greg Guelcher, x5327, guelcher@
Meeting Time & Location: Sundays at 6:00pm in the Walker Science Center.
Purpose/Description: Give me your nerdy, your geeky, your otaku masses yearning to watch Anime! Morningside Anime Division is the bastion of safety for all nerd kind!

Morningside Civic Union
Student Leader: Jess Higgens, jlh036@
Adviser: Patrick McKinlay, x5361, mckinlay@; Valerie Hennings, x5225, henningsv@
Meeting Time & Location: Wednesdays at 5:00pm in the Hickman Dining Room.
Purpose/Description: The Morningside Civic Union is a nonpartisan group on campus that focuses on generating civic engagement within the Morningside community. We strive to foster discussion about local, regional, national, and international issues. We advocate for civil political discussion.

Morningside Art Club
Student Leader: Christina Vazquez, ctv002@
Advisor: Terri McGaffin, mcgaffin@
Meeting Time & Location: Tuesday at 4:00pm in MC 103.
Purpose/Description: To maintain a high standard of quality art education on campus and in the community, to sponsor service projects such as speakers, Symposia, exhibitions, etc., to promote and exchange of ideas, to promote all areas of the visual arts, and to promote the Morningside Art Department by being involved in or off campus activities and or projects.

Morningside Campus Ministry
Advisor: Pastor Andy Nelson, nelsona@
Meeting Time & Location: Tuesday at 9:30pm in Weikert Auditorium.
Purpose/Description: The campus ministry at Morningside College exists to help students, faculty and staff, along with members of the surrounding community, “find their path and share in their journey” through worship experiences, study groups, service opportunities, fellowship activities, leadership development and more. We are dedicated to social justice, interfaith cooperation and radical love. We encourage questions and facilitate discussions, worship, actions and other endeavors which will lead to a deeper relationship with God and make a positive and lasting impact on individuals, our community and the world. This supportive family of faith employs no circles of exclusion and provides open arms to all.

Morningside Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
Student Leaders: Becky Mayer, rfm002@
Advisor: Shannon De Clute, x5319, declutes@
Meeting Time & Location: Every other Sunday at 2:00pm in Maud Adams room.
Purpose/Description: To sponsor events that develops awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and concerns on campus, to provide a supportive environment for LGBT people and their allies on campus, and to promote understanding and equality for all Morningside students, faculty and staff.

Morningside Intramural Council
Student Leaders: Dylan Malcom, drm007@
Advisor: Tom Maxon, maxon@
Meeting Time & Location: Sunday at 8:00pm in Buck's.
Purpose/Description: Enhance academic experience by promoting leadership, teamwork, personal accomplishment, mutual respect, integrity, competition and recreation, as well as skill and exercise.

Morningside Middle Level Educators
Student Leaders: Claire Wroblewski, cew004@
Advisor: Celia Stevenson, x5139, stevensonc@
Meeting Time & Location: Monthly on a Wednesday at 6:00pm in BR 218.
Purpose/Description: The Morningside Middle Level Educators at the Sharon Walker School of Education promote actions that assure adolescents are taught by highly qualified teachers who understand the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of middle level students and can apply evidence-based practices to promote the achievement of every middle level student.

Morningside Mock Trial
Student Leader: Allyssa Stevens, ams044@
Adviser: Valerie Hennings, x5225, henningsv@
Meeting Time & Place: Meetings are Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Lincoln Center.
Purpose/Description: Mock Trial is a student organization created to help students develop skills in critical thinking and public speaking, while gaining knowledge of legal practices and procedures.

Morningside Photo Club
Student Leader: Emily Knapp, ejk002@
Adviser: Dolie Thompson, x5271, thompsond@
Meeting Time & Location: 2nd and 3rd Mondays at 4:00pm in Eppley 101
Purpose/Description: The photography club focuses on experiential learning and networking to fulfil an individual's personal or career goals. We do this by giving students the opportunities to experience events and places outside of our everyday classroom setting.

Morningside Student Government
Student Leader: Anthony Patton, ajp014@
Adviser: Megan Leonard, x5339, leonardm@
Meeting Time & Location: Tuesday at 6:30pm in the Student Government Office.
Purpose/Description:  Student Government is responsible for addressing the needs of Morningside Students through funding of numerous activities,
allocating money for various organizations, and advocating changes.
To become involved:  To become a senator on Student Government, representatives must complete a petition and run for office each September.  Students may represent either their residence hall or their respective class.

Morningside Student Nurses Association
Student Leader: Missy Morenz, mjm015@
Adviser: Amanda Haverhals, x5392, haverhalsa@
Meeting Time & Location: Last Thursday of each month at 5:00pm in Buehler Rohlfs.
Purpose/Description: MSNA is an organization of nursing students from all levels who seek to represent and involve nursing students in campus and community activities, promote the development of skills that nursing students will need as responsible and accountable members of the nursing profession, and provide information addressing major topics, interests, and concerns of nursing students and the campus community. MSNA is regularly involved with service projects like hosting campus blood drives, working with the homeless of Siouxland, and hosting the annual Maud Adams Nursing Research Day.

Phi Alpha Theta
Student Leader: Cade Herrig, cbh001@
Adviser: Greg Guelcher, x5327, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Meeting Time & Location: Every other Tuesday at 11:45am in the Hickman Room.
Purpose/Description: We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students and teachers together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Student Leader: Cade Herrig, cbh001@
Adviser: Patrick Bass, x5120, bass@

Meeting Time & Location: Closed meetings.
Purpose/Description:  Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is the men's social music fraternity at Morningside. It is the oldest and one of the largest student-run organizations on campus, having recently celebrated our 75th year. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is dedicated to the cause and celebration of the intense emotions and close bonds that music can bring out in us all.

Pre-Professional Health Club
Student Leader: Ashton Schweers, abs004@
Adviser: Anni Moore, moorea@
Meeting Time & Location: Every other Monday at 8:00pm in BR 126
Purpose/Description: The pre-professional health club helps students at Morningside be prepared in pursing their career goal of becoming a health care professional.

Sigma Tau Delta
Student Leader: Heather Eisele, hee001@
Adviser: Christina Trienzenberg, x5268, triezenbergc@
Meeting Time & Location: Closed meeting.
Purpose/Description: Sigma Tau Delta is an international collegiate honor society for English students. This society celebrates academic success in English language, literature, and writing.

​Special People Educating the Diverse
Student Leader: Samantha Veldhuizen; sjv003@
Adviser: Lorna Leavitt, x5136, leavitt@ 
​Meeting Time & Location: Biweekly on Mondays at 12:00pm in Maud Adams
​Purpose/Description: This organization is an organization that meets to talk about special education problems and teaching special education. Our goal is to become involved in the community by volunteering at various organizations within the community.

Spanish Club
Student Leader: Mariah Wills, mmw012@
Adviser: Gail Ament, x5187, ament@
Meeting Time and Location: On Mondays at 8:30-9:30 in Library, room 222.
Purpose/Description: The Spanish club allows persons who speak Spanish to get together to socialize as well as improve their speaking and listening skills. 

SNATS (Student National Association of Teachers of Singing)
Student Leader: Katelyn Stewart, krs009
Adviser: Kate Salsbury, salsbury@
​Meeting Time & Location: Second Monday of each month at 8:00 pm in MacCollin Room 223
​Purpose/Description: Morningside SNATS provides students with an opportunity to get involved in events that bring reputable musicians to campus. A completely student-led organization, SNATS allows students to be creative and free as they dream up possible music events to host.

Student Leader: Kit Stallmann, kjs025@
Adviser: Mary Korvarna, kovarna@
Meeting Time & Location: Wednesdays at 7pm, Room 110 Hickman Learning Center
Purpose/Description: The mission statement of Spoons is to provide a community of support to those with chronic illness, mental or physical, and to provide information concerning chronic illness to those who are unaware.

T.I.E.S. (Teachers Inspiring Exceptional Students)
Student Leader: Molly McInnis, mjm018@
Adviser: Lorna Leavitt, leavitt@
Meeting Time & Location: Monthly on Wednesday at the Education Department
Purpose/Description: introduce and make others aware of the special education field not only as educators, but as life long learners while providing oppoortunities to serve our community.

Undergraduate Psychological and Social Sciences Association
Student Leader: Selena Leon, sml012@
Adviser: Shannon Claxton, x5410, claxtons@
Meeting Time & Location: Bi-weekly on Wednesday at 11:45am in WSC 162
Purpose/Description: UPSSA is an inclusive organization that promotes student involvement in activities related to psychology and the social sciences. Members may participate in fun events on campus and volunteer their time in the Siouxland community.