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Reporting Options

Last updated August 13, 2020

Option I: Wait

Wait until you are ready to share with others. Do not allow well-intentioned individuals push you to report until you want to.

Option II: Confidential Reporting

If you wish that details of an incident be kept confidential, on-campus resources include Morningside’s personal counselor, chaplain, and student health providers. Local resources such as crisis centers are also confidential and have no duty to report your information to the College.

All College employees, except those deemed confidential resources above, have a duty to report harassment to the Title IX coordinator. Conversations will be kept discreet but not confidential.

Option III: Report to the College

You may report the incident to Campus Safety & Security, Residence Life, or any employee not designated as confidential. Upon receiving a report, the Title IX coordinator will do an initial assessment to determine if there is reasonable cause to believe a policy has been violated. If so, a formal investigation may ensue in order to provide a resolution internally.

Option IV: Report to Law Enforcement

You may wish to file an official report of the harassment with the Sioux City Police. Filing a report does not obligate a student to follow through with legal action or action through the College.

Option V: Report to College and Law Enforcement

You may wish to have both the College and law enforcement investigate the harassment. College proceedings and a criminal investigation of the incident occur independently.