Campus Organizations


Accounting Club
Student Leader: Kyle Kommes, krk013@
Adviser: Twyla Rosenbaum, rosenbaumt@
Meeting Time & Location: Weekly meetings; Fridays from 12-1pm; Lincoln Center 101 or 107
Purpose/Description: To model ethical student standards established by the AICPA, IMA, ACFE and ISCPA, to serve the community and to fulfill a student ambassador role representing Morningside College during professional and community events.

Active Minds
Student Leader: Kali Hill & Maci Moore, kmh035@; mrm019@
Adviser: Bobbi Meister, meisterb@
Meeting Time & Location: 7pm Thursday; Lincoln Center 104
Purpose/Description: Our mission is to educate students on the importance of mental health in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, to work towards enhancing the holistic well-being of students, and to create a supportive and well-informed community by providing the necessary mental health resources.

Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD)
Student Leader: Haley Potthoff, hep001@
Adviser: Annie Moore; Terri Curry, moorea@; curryte@
Meeting Time & Location: 7-8pm; Depends on what type of meeting it is.
Purpose/Description: The purpose of the Society is to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist members in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society.

Alpha Omicron Pi- Theta Chi
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Brooke Daane, daaneb@
Meeting Time & Location: Thursday at 8:00pm in the AOII Chapter Room in Dimmitt Hall
Purpose/Description: The object of this Fraternity shall be to encourage a spirit of fraternity and love among its members; to stand at all times for character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty; to strive for and support the best interests of the colleges and universities in which chapters are installed, and in no way to disregard, injure, or sacrifice those interests for the sake of prestige or advancement of the Fraternity or any of its chapters.

Alpha Psi Omega
Student Leader: Jason Latta, jml019@
Adviser: Taylor Clemens, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Meeting Time & Location: 6pm on the 1st & 3rd Sundays in Klinger Neal
Purpose/Description: To develop dramatic talent, to foster the cultural values which we believe dramatics develop, and to unite thespians of Morningside College as members of the order of mutual brotherhood and service.

Art Club
Student Leader: Tracie Tuttle, tjt004@
Adviser: Shelby Prindaville, prindavilles@
Meeting Time & Location: Thursdays, 4pm, MC 103
Purpose/Description: Morningside Art Club cultivates a passion for the visual arts and encourages the ability to assess and refine one's own art.

Beta Beta Beta    
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Tim Sesterhenn, sesterhennt@
Meeting Time & Location: Monday at 8:00pm in BR 126
Purpose/Description: Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society is an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. It seeks to encourage scholarly attainment in this field of learning by reserving its regular membership for those who achieve superior academic records and who indicate special aptitude for and major interest in the life sciences. It desires to cultivate intellectual interest in the natural sciences and promote a better appreciation of the value of biological study. It also endeavors to extend the boundaries of man's knowledge of nature by encouraging new discoveries through scientific investigation, thus encouraging undergraduate students to begin research work. Therefore, Beta Beta Beta emphasizes stimulation of scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research.

Business Honors
Student Leader: Rashmi Krishna Mejia, rk0008@
Adviser: Marily Eastman, eastmanm@
Meeting Time & Location: Mondays 12-1pm
Purpose/Description: Business Honors is an invitation-only organization aimed at providing our best Business and Accounting Department students with unique opportunities for intellectual challenge, civic engagement and communication of their business acumen.

Collegiate NAtional Association for Music Education
Student Leader: Noah Rubida, ndr003@
Adviser: Dr. Shirley Luebke, luebkes@
Meeting Time & Location: First Sunday of every month at 1:00pm Eppley 223
Purpose/Description: Enriching the education of music educators and helping to further the growth of music education at Morningside College.

Delta Tau Alpha
Student Leader: Krista Zavadil, kgz002@
Adviser: Dr. Thomas Paulsen, paulsent@
Meeting Time & Location: 3rd Wednesday in BR 114
Purpose/Description: The Honor Society of Delta Tau Alpha (DTA) promotes and recognizes scholarship and leadership accomplishments of agricultural students while emphasizing character development, enhancing undergraduate preparation for professional positions, and joining with other agricultural student’s organizations in the promotion of agriculture. Since this is an Honorary Society, there are specific academic requirements for acceptance. THey are as follows: Qualifications for Active Membership. Any student receiving instruction in regular courses in agriculture may be initiated into membership provided that the student has fulfilled the following requirements: A. Completed at least nine (9) semester hours, or its equivalent, in agricultural courses, including credit transferred from other colleges or universities. B. Completed at least forty-five (45) semester hours of college courses, or its equivalent, including credit transferred from other colleges or universities. C. Rank not lower than the highest thirty-five percent of their class (sophomore, junior, and senior) in general scholarship, and shall have completed at least three semesters or five quarters of the college course.

Entrepreneurship Group
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Dan Wubbena, wubbenad@
Meeting Time & Location: Thursday at 6:00pm
Purpose/Description: Entrepreneurship Group (E-Group) is dedicated to providing opportunities for students that will promote entrepreneurship, ignite their passions, and refine their skills.

Gender Undone
Student Leader: Melanie Enloe, mhe001@
Adviser: Valerie Hennings, henningsv@
Meeting Time & Location: Tuesdays in the Library from 3:30-4:30pm
Purpose/Description: We consider and question the concept of gender and sexuality, including how it is defined and redefined throughout society and how it is experienced by all.

Investment Club   
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Jeff Zink; Muzinga, zinkj@; muzingan@
Meeting Time & Location: Wednesdays at 1:00pm in LC 102
Purpose/Description: Our mission as the Investment Club is to educate our members on the various types of investments that they can make and the best strategy to use for those investments.

Iowa Student Education Association (ISEA)   
Student Leader: Faith Laskie, fal001@
Adviser: Shelly Molland, mollands@
Meeting Time & Location: Monthly, Education Department BR
Purpose/Description: Morningside College ISEA Mission Statement: To Discover Your Passion and work with children to make a difference in the world.

Morningside Ag Club
Student Leader: Brandon Langbein, bgl002@
Adviser: Rich Crow; Dan Witten, crowr@; wittend@
Meeting Time & Location: Thursdays at 6:30pm in BR
Purpose/Description: The mission and strategies for this chapter are as follows: Ag Club makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Develops competent and assertive agricultural leadership. Increases awareness of the global and technological importance of agriculture and its contribution to our well-being. Strengthens the confidence of agriculture students in themselves and their work. Promotes the intelligent choice and establishment of an agricultural career.

Morningside Anime Division
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Greg Guelcher, guelcher@
Meeting Time & Location: Sundays from 6pm-9pm in WSC 007
Purpose/Description: The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a stress free and safe environment for Japanese animation fans, video gamers, and convention goers to gather to watch Japanese Animation and share in their interests as well as broaden our cultural understanding.

Morningside Campus Media
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Dave Madsen, madsend@
Meeting Time & Location: 1st Friday of every month at 12:30pm
Purpose/Description: The mission of KMSC Fusion is to be the student radio voice of Morningside College. KMSC is dedicated to acting as an interactive forum for the Morningside campus community while providing a real-life broadcasting experience for Morningside students. We seek to create a radio station that helps bind together the Morningside campus community through musical, informational, and special programming while also creating closer ties between the Morningside and Siouxland communities.

Morningside Chemistry Club
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Brian McFarland, mcfarlandb@
Meeting Time & Location: Mondays in BR 126
Purpose/Description: The mission of this chapter shall be to afford an opportunity for students of a chemical science to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist.

Morningside Civic Union (MCU)
Student Leader: Kailyn Robert, kmr013@
Adviser: Dr. Patrick McKinlay, mckinlay@; Dr. Hennings, henningsv@
Meeting Time & Location: Every Wednesday at 5pm in Hickman Dining Room
Purpose/Description: The purpose of this organization is to encourage civic engagement, while at the same time promoting awareness of political and social issues, providing opportunities for students to become involved in local, state, and national communities, and providing students with a forum for social justice and political discussion, and we call for full participation without regard to party affiliation, sex, gender identity, race, ethnic origin, religion, physical and mental handicap, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.

Morningside Garden to Table Experience
Student Leaders: N/A
Advisor: Dee McKenna; Dr. Tom Paulsen, mckennad@; paulsent@
Meeting Time & Location: Thursdays at 7pm in BR
Purpose/Description: The purpose of the organization shall be to aid members by establishing a garden on Morningside’s Campus that promotes sustainable food production, agricultural education, and experiential learning experience. 

Morningside Mentors in Science Program
Student Leaders: N/A
Advisor: Chad Leugers, leugersc@
Meeting Time & Location: 7:30pm in BR Lobby
Purpose/Description: To provide exceptional exposure of science and science related topics to the youth of Siouxland (Specifically for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Siouxland).

Morningside Middle Level Educators (MMLE) Club
Student Leaders: N/A
Advisor: LuAnn Haase, haasel@
Meeting Time & Location: 5:45pm on Wednesdays (monthly) in BR 218
Purpose/Description: The Morningside College Middle Level Educators Club at the Sharon Walker School of Education aspires to cultivate highly effective educators who are committed to the belief that every middle level student will learn.

Morningside Photo Club
Student Leader: Makaelyn glienke, mlg015@
Adviser: Dolie Thompson, thompsond@
Meeting Time & Location: 4om in McCollin room 101
Purpose/Description: Photo Club endeavors to offer members experiential learning opportunities and events outside of the classroom to better their photographic skills, meet professionals inPhoto Club endeavors to offer members experiential learning opportunities and events outside of the classroom to better. their photographic skills, meet professionals in the field, and further their career goals.

Morningside Student Nurses Association
Student Leader: Kaylee VanVoorst, kav003@
Adviser: Amanda Haverhals, haverhalsa@
Meeting Time & Location: Once a month - 3rd floor BR - Nursing Department
Purpose/Description: MSNA is an organization of nursing students who assist other nursing students on campus in their academic, social, and professional development. MSNA promotes the development of leadership skills & addresses major topics, interests & concerns in order to help prepare nursing students for the future and to help facilitate personal and professional growth. MSNA will educate individuals throughout the Morningside campus and Siouxland community about major topics, interests & concerns through the use of activities, community service projects and guest speakers.

National Agri Marketing Association (NAMA)
Student Leader: Jacob Holck, jgh002@
Adviser: Melissa Nelson & Dr. Annie Kinwa-Muzinga; neslsonme@, kinwamuzingaa@
Meeting Time & Location: 6:30om Ag Suite Conference Room in BR

Omicron Alpha
Student Leader: Alison Wright, akw005@
Adviser: Carolyn Glackin, glackinc@
Meeting Time & Location: Education Conference Room of BR 218; times vary
Purpose/Description: Kappa Delta Pi’s mission is to recognize outstanding scholarship in the field of education. Kappa Delta Pi endeavors to create opportunities and programs that will enable members to pursue professional development and excellence throughout the life cycle of career educators. In view of these goals, chapters are the most significant vehicle through which members may involve themselves in opportunities that promote their professional development and expand their expertise.

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK)
Student Leader: Kyle Kommes, krk013@
Adviser: Leslie Werden, Greg Guelcher; weren@, guelcher@
Meeting Time & Location: One Sunday a month at 8pm in UPS
Purpose/Description: The goal of the Morningside Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa is to enhance and develop leaders. This will be done through sponsored events, guest speakers, and leadership building activities. Our events will promote our collaborative leadership to the campus and local community. The members of the Morningside Circle will leave the college knowing that they grew as leaders and as people.

Phi Alpha Theta
Student Leader: Robert Trewin, rft002@
Adviser: Dr. Greg Guelcher, guelcher@
Meeting Time & Location: Wednesdays at noon in the Library
Purpose/Description: We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students and teachers together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.

Pre-Professional Health Club
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Anni Moore, moore@
Meeting Time & Location: Science Center 120; at least once a month at 6:30pm Monday
Purpose/Description: The Pre-Professional Health Club of Morningside College will cultivate an environment for students to gain support and resources that will serve to assist in admittance to graduate schools relating to the health field.

Psi Chi
Student Leader: Tessa Renze, tar004@
Adviser: Dr. Jessica Pleuss, pleussj@
Meeting Time & Location: Executive Meetins at 3pm on Wednesdays
Purpose/Description: Recognizing and promoting excellence in the satudy of psychology.

Religious Studies Club
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Elizabeth Coody, coodye@
Meeting Time & Location: Every other week, various times and places.
Purpose/Description: To give Morningside students a chance to experience and understand religions in their world.

Rocket Club
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Dave Slaven, slaven@
Meeting Time & Location: Monday 7pm in the advanced physics lab
Purpose/Description: To excite the campus community about rockets, space exploration, and science.

Sinfonia (Gamma Xi Chapter)
Student Leader: Cameron Sherlock, cjs019@
Adviser: Adam Fullerton, fullertona@
Meeting Time & Location: 9:30pm Eppley Building
Purpose/Description: The object of this fraternity shall be, for the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit, the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students, the advancement of music in America, and a loyalty to the Alma mater.

Sigma Tau Delta
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: Jen Peterson, petersonj@
Meeting Time & Location: Lewis Hall 315 at 7pm on Mondays
Purpose/Description: Sigma Tau Delta strives for high achievement, cultural stimulation, promotion of literature and language, discipline in all aspects of English, promotion of exemplary character, high academic standards, and for fostering literacy in society.

Sustainable Environment Association (SEA)
Student Leader: N/A
Adviser: John Helms, helmsj@
Meeting Time & Location: Maud Adams Room - Wednesdays at 6pm
Purpose/Description: Promote Sustainability Awareness on Campu through projects, and events.

Teachers Inspiring Exceptional Students (T.I.E.S.)
Student Leader: Trey Kluender, tak006@
Adviser: Janet Rohmiller, rohmillerj@
Meeting Time & Location: 1pm on Thursdays on the 2nd Floor of BR
Purpose/Description: Our mission as T.I.E.S. is to introduce and make others aware of the special education field not only as educators but as lifelong learners while providing opportunities to serve the community.

Undergraduate Psychological and Social Sciences Association
Student Leader: Jessy Huff, jrh019@
Adviser: Shannon Claxton, claxtons@
Meeting Time & Location: Wednesdays at 11:45am in WSC
Purpose/Description: The purpose of the organization shall be to promote and advance the science and practice of psychology within its members of the Morningside College community and the general public.