Freshman Floors

93% of Morningside's full-time Freshmen live on campus.

Morningside College Provides six floors that are designated freshmen only.

Female Freshman Floors:

Roadman Hall 2nd Long North

Dimmitt Hall Ground A

Dimmitt Hall 1A (Substance Free)

Dimmitt Hall 2A

Dimmitt Hall 3E

Plex 2nd Floor

Male Freshman Floor:

Roadman Hall 3rd Long North

Dimmitt Hall 1E

Dimmitt Hall 2E

Dimmitt Hall 3A

Plex 3rd Floor Central

Benefits of living on a freshman floor:

  • The biggest benefit of living on a freshman floor is living with other freshmen who are in the same situation as you: freshmen looking to meet people and make new friends. 
  • Freshman floor Resident Assistants are handpicked to work with freshmen students.  Freshmen will have the benefit of having access to some of the friendliest and most responsible student leaders on campus. 
  • There are special activities and events for Freshmen:  The activities vary by floor, depending on the needs and interests of the floor. To help increase the amount of activities on each freshmen floor, two RAs have been placed on each floor. 

Interested in living on a freshman floor?

  • If you are interested in living on a freshmen floor, please indicate your interest on the roommate selector form.  We can not guarantee placement on a freshman floor, but your request will be considered on a first return basis. 

Are Freshmen required to live on a freshman floor?

  • No, there are spaces available on floors that are not designated for freshmen.  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors also live on these floors.