Next Steps for Exploring Students

Explore your options at Morningside:

Morningside Majors and Minors– Explore Morningside’s undergraduate majors and minors that may interest you. This includes emphasis areas, but not endorsements.

Four-Year Plans by Major– Includes the suggested coursework for a given major broken down by year and semester.

Browse by Department–  Check out this website for each of our academic departments OR check out one of the departments listed here -- this will give you a snapshot into various departments including majors and minors offered, ways to get involved in or gain experience, and what recent alumni have accomplished after studying these fields.

Morningside College Catalog– Includes academic major requirements, course descriptions and prerequisites, and related academic policies and procedures.


People here to help:

Career Services– Meeting with career services can help you answer questions about possible careers in different majors, career outlooks, and inform you on how to be prepared for the job market. They also can help you analyze your TypeFocus results. Schedule an appointment here.

  • TypeFocus– This skills assessment tool will help you identify your strengths and possible careers that may be a match to your personality type.  Be sure to book a follow up meeting with our Career Counselor if you want to understand your results further.  Sharing your results with your adviser can also help produce great conversation and direction.
  • Job Shadowing– Make sure to visit with career services or your adviser to talk about potential job shadowing opportunities that would allow you to discuss potential careers with professionals in that industry. Explore their work environment and day-to-day operations to give yourself a better idea of what you would like to pursue.

Advisers– Visiting with your adviser is always a good idea to discuss general education requirements, classes that you can take to explore various majors, and what next steps may be most appropriate for you. You can schedule an appointment with an Academic Adviser at the Krone Advising Center by logging into your Handshake account. If not, your adviser can be found on CampusWEB.

Faculty Members– Sometimes the best way to learn about a new major is to visit with a faculty member in that department (Check out this website for each of our academic departments). Feel free to email a faculty member yourself or visit with your adviser about majors you would like more information on. If you’re unsure how to contact the faculty member in a department of interest, reach out to your adviser for help.


Links to explore:

Choosing a Major Checklist– Use this as a guide to help you keep direction while you explore your options.

Myths About Exploring Students– There are many misconceptions about exploring students. Hopefully these answers will help you understand what it truly means to be an exploring student.

Occupational Outlook Handbook– This website can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.


Check out these videos:

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The Power of Belief: Mindset and Success