Parking on Campus


All automobiles and other motorized vehicles parked on campus grounds by students and employees of Morningside University must be registered with Campus Safety and Security. A vehicle registration sticker, which has been displayed properly, authorizes parking in the areas designated for the individual as outlined below. It does NOT guarantee a parking space.

See the Parking Regulations for 2020-2021 for parking information, fines, and regulations for the year.  Included in the Parking Poster is a campus map that includes buildings, landmarks, parking, handicap parking, and other information that may be useful while on campus.


Vehicle Registration

All parking permit registrations are done online.  Please click here to register for a parking permit.  High school students, those auditing classes, and adjuncts will select Special Permit.  Those students living in Dimmitt, Garretson Houses, and the Residence Complex will select Student permit.  Roadman students will select Roadman Permit.  Apartment students will select Apartments.  Commuter students will select Commuter. 

Permits must be affixed, and visible, to the lower left-hand corner of the rear window of all vehicles parked anywhere on campus. Parking permits for motorcycles should be affixed to the front fender.

Parking registration fees for the academic year 2020-2021 will be $100 per vehicle.

Campus Security OfficeReplacement of registration permits will be issued at no cost if returned or proof of permit destruction is provided. (Unaffixed registration permits that are lost or stolen will not be replaced unless a new registration fee is paid). 

Additional permits may be purchased for other vehicles for $50 per vehicle.


Olsen Student Center, Visitor, and Grace Parking Lots

Vehicles with Roadman, Student or Apartment parking permit stickers will not be allowed to park from 7am-5pm in the lot behind the Olsen Student Center, Visitors Lot, and Grace Lot. From 5pm-1am students with the aforementioned permits will be allowed to park there during that time with a valid permit.  These lots are reserved for Commuters, Faculty, and Staff from 7am-5pm, Monday through Friday. 


Commuter Student Parking

Commuter students may park in any lots except the Apartment, Roadman, and Guest Parking Lots.  The Grace, Lincoln Center, Olsen Student Center Parking lots are specifically allotted for commuter students along with Faculty and Staff.


Temporary Permits

If at any time, a student's vehicle with a permit breaks down or a student switches vehicles for a short period of time, they may obtain a temporary permit at no charge. This will allow them to park on campus without receiving a ticket. However, this permit must be displayed on the rearview mirror when the vehicle is parked on campus.


Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is not permitted in the Olsen Student Center, Lincoln Center, Guest, and Eppley Parking Lots between 1am and 7 a.m.  Any vehicles parked in these locations are subject to tickets and/or being towed for snow removal during the winter.


Parking Violations

All parking violation tickets are to be paid at the Business Office in Lewis Hall within one week of receiving the ticket. After this time period, the charges will be applied to the individual’s account and doubled. Unpaid fines will result in a hold being placed upon the individual’s transcripts and/or diploma and they may not be allowed to registered for classes.


Fines 2020-2021

No Permit $100
Parking sticker displayed improperly $25
Parking in restricted areas $25
Parking improperly (angle parking, not parking within parking space, double-parked) $25
Handicap Parking $200
Forgery/Illegal transfer of sticker $50
Altered Permit $25
False Registration $50
Snow Removal $25
Restricted Parking/Reserved Parking $25
Parking on Grass $50
Overnight Parking $25
Fire Lane $50

All streets in Sioux City are under the jurisdiction of the City of Sioux City. Vehicle owners are expected to abide by parking regulations established by signage, curb markings or any other techniques used to assist traffic flow and safety.


Towing Procedures

For the safety of the college community, Morningside University reserves the right to tow any vehicle parked in such a way as to constitute a hazard, or impede regular traffic, or interfere with the making of essential repairs. Owners of impounded cars will be required to pay the towing service charges ($60 and up) directly to the off-campus towing company to release the vehicle. Morningside University assumes no responsibility for the owner’s vehicle or property in the case of towing.

An attempt to contact the owner of the vehicle will be made if time warrants.



Parking violations may be appealed to the Director or Assistant  Director of Campus Safety and Security.  Their office is in the Hickman-Johnson-Furrow Learning Center.  Tickets must be appealed within 7 days of issuance. 

If the student or staff member is not satisfied with the decision of the Director or Assistant Director of Campus Safety and Security, they may appeal the ticket to the Parking Committee which will hear all grievances related to parking violations. This committee consists of students, staff members, and faculty members. Such a format allows for a fair process of determining accountability for all University community members. This Committee will meet on a regular basis, hearing all appeals that may have arisen since their prior meeting.  They must fill out the Parking Appeal Form and turn this into the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Business and Finance in the Business Office in Lewis Hall. 

Parking Ticket Appeal Form